Dressed for: Saying Goodbye

Already Pretty outfit featuring gold sequin top, black leather joggers, mesh sandals, bucket bag

Top – thrifted via Style Encoresimilar
Pants – thrifted via Twice (going out of business!) – similar
Shoes – Tsubo (also out of business) – similar look
Bag – Madewell via Shopbop
Sunglasses – Quay Summer Fling
Bracelets – Cost Plussimilar
Earrings – Emalea Designs

I was extremely surprised to hear that shoe company Tsubo had shut down – at the time, it seemed final though now they’re “taking a break.” Equally surprised to hear that Twice has been bought by eBay and will be shuttering their own site shortly. I hadn’t intended to wear items from two nearly defunct sources in a single outfit, but here they are. Perhaps they gravitated toward each other out of sympathy …


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6 Responses to “Dressed for: Saying Goodbye”

  1. Gisele

    I am so sad about Twice!!! Ever since you tipped me off about them, that’s been almost the only place I’ve been buying clothes. I guess I have to check out Thredup now… unused clothes seem awfully expensive.

  2. greendoc

    Phew! I saw the headline and got a little panicky that you were saying ‘goodbye,’ Sally. Glad I was wrong. đŸ™‚

    • Fashion Is Spinach

      I thought the same! Beautiful shoes, though.

  3. crtfly

    Ebay has its place but I don’t think it should run every damn thing. Fooey on Twice for selling out.