Gracey Wears: A Different Silhoutte

My usual silhouette involves a full skirt for a couple of reasons.  One, as I’ve said before, they’re easier to ride a bike in.  And two, my thighs feel that full skirts hide their subversive activities better.

Today, however, I’m wearing a different silhouette:

Fashion for Giants outfit featuring a black eastern print dress, braided belt & jewelry Fashion for Giants outfit featuring black, Eastern print dress, braided belt, huaraches & studded leather bracelet

My thighs, of course, hated it.  Said I was bringing “The Man” down on us all and that they’d have to look for a new hideout.  They’ve declined to tell me the location of said new hideout.  They’re so secretive.

Even though my thighs hated this look, I rather liked it.  The shape and abstract print of the dress (thrifted, similar) is different for me, but in a good way.  And even though my belt (thrifted, similar), studded cuff (Nordstrom, exact) and huaraches (thrifted, similar) don’t “match” I like them all together and with this dress.

All in all, I’m happy I went with a different silhouette this time around; even if my thighs aren’t:

Fashion for Giants outfit featuring thrifted black, Eastern print dress, a thrifted braided belt & thrifted huaraches

How about you, Reader Friends?  Do you stick to one silhouette or do you like to branch out?



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19 Responses to “Gracey Wears: A Different Silhoutte”

  1. Connie

    Gracie I think you look great in this dress and you have accessorized it very well. You have a nice figure! Enjoy it be proud.

  2. AnnR

    Cute dress!
    You mighty consider that a puffy skirt gives the eye more room to imagine those thighs. This straighter, more tailored line, which follows them doesn’t give the impression that they’re billowing away.

    No matter, it’s always good to have a couple of different looks. The same thing all the time gets boring.

  3. Lisa B

    First, you look adorable. Second, for years I have avoided all skirts because I was self conscious of my waist line. But I have recently ventured towards a couple of dresses, and seeing how you belted above I may even try it to create the illusion of a silhouette. Thanks for sharing your photo!

  4. Monica H

    I really like this outfit, and I don’t agree that your thighs should be hidden. I think this has a nice flowy skimming shape that’s very flattering, and your thighs appear balanced with your shoulders and bust. This silhoutte works for you! And any outfit accessorized with that beaming smile is a WIN!

  5. Anonymous

    Why don’t you like your thighs? They’re fine! I honestly wouldn’t have noticed anything if you hadn’t said anything…

  6. Grace

    I think you look great, but I get that how you feel matters more. Thanks for being honest about your body worries, but, honestly, body snarking, even cutely and on ourselves? not required!

  7. Julie Varee

    You and your thighs look great.
    And, as always, your smile is a winner!

    • LinB

      Agreed, and agreed. I second everything Julie Varee said here. Great googly-moogly, woman, only your writing about your chatty thighs even gave me a hint that you have those body parts, in this outfit! One assumes that the bottom half of you leg is attached to your torso somehow, but one would not dwell on that thought, from these photos. Give yourself a break, pretty lady.

  8. Sonja

    First of all I would like to say that you look stunning in these pictures and that I didn’t notice your thighs in a “negative” way. Kudos to the dress.
    Then again I totally understand the “usual/unusual silhouette” thing. I’ve always loved widelegged trousers and bootcut pants, and just could not imagine wearing leggings or skinnies. Then I tried them out and with the right combination it wasn’t as “painful” as I had thought. 😉 It still feel a bit weird with them and don’t wear them every day, just when I really feel like it. But I think sometimes it’s nice to broaden one’s mind, be it fashionwise or in any other field of life.

  9. Shannon

    Thighs? What thighs? My eye is drawn to the detail of the belt at your waist and then to your graceful ankles. I think the straighter silhouette is very flattering and a fun change… for days when you don’t need to jump on your bike 🙂

  10. Audrey

    I love to play around with different silhouettes, well-fitting or flared. I find that they give me totally new looks whenever I want a change.

  11. Sonia

    Gosh, I adore you, Gracie! You always look so full of life in your photos — so happy to be awake and dressed and ready for the day! You are an inspiration!