Gracey Wears: Black and Blue

Gracey the Giant in a blue striped sweatshirt, black ponte pencil skirt, leopard scarf & black ankle boots. Gracey the Giant in a blue striped sweatshirt, black ponte pencil skirt, leopard scarf & black ankle boots.

I like wearing black and blue together.  I also like wearing black and brown.  I think as long as there is enough of a separation between the color and the non-color, it works.

For example, I wouldn’t wear a midnight blue with black as it could look like I just couldn’t tell the difference between the two.  But a navy blue, a royal blue or a cobalt all look great with black because they look like a deliberate pairing as opposed to looking like I got dressed in the dark.  And I definitely prefer to stick with mid-tone blues when pairing black and blue.  Just as going too dark with the blue can look off, so can going too light; black with baby blue can be too jarring and looks less deliberate.

As for the leopard, well, leopard goes with everything.  It’s a neutral, dontcha know.




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Gap striped sweatshirt

Similar ponte pencil skirt

Born “Mabel” ankle boots

Similar leopard scarf

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13 Responses to “Gracey Wears: Black and Blue”

  1. Wendi

    I always love Gracey’s looks; she and I should hang out and go shopping together! 🙂

  2. LIz

    Great look, Gracie–you always look so pulled together!
    Love black and what I call French blue together. For reasons I don’t understand, the color combination is very mentally soothing. (And chic, too!)

  3. f.

    Gracie, I just love all your outfits! So inspiring. But more than that, I just wanted to finally drop a note in your comments to tell you what a beautiful person you are. I can never decide if I’m reacting positively to your outfits or to your awesome smile! Keep stylin on em…

  4. Ruth

    The thing about dark blue and black looking like an accident, reminds me that I love wearing navy tights (with navy) and black tights (with black, and other colours). The difference is obvious in daylight but in artificial light (which is when we all get dressed in winter) it is really hard to tell them apart. I spend ages staring at them under a lamp.

    • Gracey the Giant

      I have the same problem in the winter! I usually end up comparing my tights to something I know for sure is black to try to figure it out. I am not always successful.

  5. Osprey

    Love love the stripes!
    I am guilty of wearing very close shades of black/blue/brown. I feel bad about it but just kinda pretend it’s a look. Haha… eeep.

  6. Stacie

    I also love to wear black and brown and throw in some gray, just to make my mom cringe! Woo hoo!!!