Gracey Wears: Blue and Green

For a long time, blue and green was one of those color combinations I was a bit iffy on.  Why?  Because, when I was younger, I read a book in which a girl sat her blue-wearing rival on a green couch because she knew that the green paired with the blue would look “ghastly.”  I was fairly impressionable as a child, so, for years, I thought that blue and green didn’t pair well.  As it turns out, that’s totally not a thing:

Gracey of Fashion for Giants in green vintage dress & blue floral LOFT scarf


Gracey of Fashion for Giants in green vintage dress, blue floral LOFT scarf & Gap boots

Although, for that era, it might have totally *been* a thing.  Just as certain colors gain and lose popularity as time goes by, I’m sure certain color combinations do too.  Or, maybe it has to do with the shades of blue and green being paired.  I’m hard-pressed to imagine any color blue doesn’t go with, but, then again, I am admittedly biased towards blue.

Just to be safe though, I did pair this green dress with a scarf that not only contains blue, but also blue-green:

LOFT scarf close up

And I made sure to pair the scarf with a dress that has side-buttons:

vintage green dress with side buttons

What do the side buttons have to do with it?  Nothing, I just like buttons.

And I like blue and green together:

Gracey of Fashion for Giants in vintage dress, LOFT scarf & Gap boots

No matter what that old book said.

How about you, Reader Friends?  Are there any color combinations you shy away from?  And if so, why?

Thanks for reading, All!



Get the Look

thrifted vintage dress (similar)

LOFT scarf (exact)

Gap boots (similar)

Already Pretty contributor Gracey hails from Fashion for Giants. While not an actual giant (probably), she is quite tall and likes to blog about that.  Gracey used to live in Oregon but was recently transplanted to the land of Big Ben (Pittsburgh, not London).  She is still an Oregonian at heart though, and is also a patron of thrift stores, a user of sarcasm, a lover of vintage and a reader of books.  

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5 Responses to “Gracey Wears: Blue and Green”

  1. juliana

    I do believe the book in mention was An Old Fashioned Girl by Louise May Alcott, right?

    • fashionforgiants

      It was!!! I can’t believe you got the reference!!! I read that book to pieces when I was younger, and that part stuck with me because I thought it was so odd!

  2. Alexandria Blaelock

    I love blue and green – it’s a combination I’ve worn a lot. For me, it’s more important that the colours have a similar level of saturation so they sit nicely together. I’m working my way into more fiery colours now – red, pink, orange and yellow. Even though I know they make some people shudder.

    • fashionforgiants

      I wore orange and yellow together the other day and someone made a comment along the lines that I was “wearing all the fall colors.” It was interesting because to me, of course you can pair yellow with orange, but I guess it’s too much for some people!