Gracey Wears: A Chambray Blazer Three Ways

Dearest Reader Friends, I have something to confess: I don’t like jean jackets.

*Pauses to wait to be struck down by a bolt of stylish lightning from the Fashion Gods.*

*No lightning forthcoming. Resumes confession*

Because, here’s the what with myself and jean jackets.  I don’t look good in them.  I don’t look timelessly cool or chic.  I look like a box.  A denim box.  And there isn’t anything wrong with being a denim box if you are, well, a box made of denim.  But, I am not a box made of denim and therefore don’t want to look like a denim box.

Enter the chambray blazer:

gracey of fashion for giants in LOFT pants, white blouse, chambray blazer & silk scarf

This is my answer to the denim jacket.  It’s a more tailored look, to be sure, but that better matches my aesthetic.

And it’s not so tailored that you can’t throw it on with a dress and boots.  You can totes throw it on with a dress and boots:

gracey the giant in vintage floral dress, chambray blazer & Enzo Angiolini boots

You can also wear it with pants:

gracey the giant in LOFT pants, white blouse, chambray blazer, silk scarf & suede boots

And with pleats:

gracey the giant in pleated skirt, print blouse, chambray blazer & blush booties

And being as the majority of my closet is dress, pants and pleats, I’ve found this chambray blazer to be very versatile indeed.

Now, I’m not saying the chambray blazer is for everyone.  I mean, can you pair it with jeans for a Canadian tuxedo?  No, that probably won’t work.  So, if that’s your aesthetic, then maybe the jean jacket is for you.  It’s just not for me.

What about you, Reader Friends?  How do you feel about the denim jacket vs the chambray blazer?

Thanks for reading, All!


Get the Look(s)

Chambray Blazer – LOFT (this year’s version)

Look 1 – thrifted vintage dress (similar), Enzo Angiolini boots

Look 2 – LOFT pants (similar), Gap blouse,

silk scarf (similar), suede boots (similar)

Look 3 – thrifted vintage skirt (similar), H&M blouse (similar),

Joe’s Jeans mules

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2 Responses to “Gracey Wears: A Chambray Blazer Three Ways”

  1. Isa Mclaren

    “Better matches my aesthetic.” — Love this phrase so much! I’m a denim jacket broad, btw, only my denim jacket is cheetah print. 😉

    • fashionforgiants

      And I’d probably do a cheetah print blazer with a quickness!! I love that we can figure out how to make pieces truly our own! Yay, Fashion!