Gracey Wears: Flares

Although I wear flares fairly often

Gracey from Fashion for Giants in flared jeans

… I’m actually a bit on the fence about them.

Or at least about their proposed dominance in my wardrobe.  According to the fashion world, flared jeans are the silhouette for this fall.  But, I’m not sure they suit me or my lifestyle enough to replace my skinny jeans.

One, I’m not always going to want to dress like an extra on That 70s Show:

Gracey from Fashion for Giants in flared jeans, printed tunic & platform sandals

I mean, sometimes, sure, obviously.  But, not always.  And flares do definitely lend themselves to the 70s trend so it’s hard to resist the urge.

Two, from years of skinny jeans, I have a closet full of high volume tops and a propensity for layering.  I’m not convinced those same tops/layers work as well with flared jeans:

gracey the giant in gray flares, striped peplum, flame sweater & Jeffrey Campbell sandals

It doesn’t look bad, per se, but it’s a very different effect than if I were wearing skinny jeans.  And that’s taking some getting used to.

Three, tucking a slim-fitting top into high-waisted flared jeans seems like a good idea, but in practice I feel like everyone is looking at my hips:

gracey the giant in Gap flares, JNY blouse & Franco Sarto mules

Oh my goodness, you guys, is everyone looking at my hips???!!!!   Or, am I just being irrational because I’m not used to being out of the skinny jeans/riding boots that normally comprise my fall outfits.  Probably the latter… probably.

I’ll likely continue to try flared jeans this fall, but I really do prefer my skinny jeans and boots.  At least for now.

What about you, Reader Friends?  Will you be trying flared jeans this fall?


Shop Flares

Gap True Resolution Skinny Flares (the exact pair from my 3rd look)

LOFT Dark Wash Flares (these have been very well-reviewed)

ASOS TALL Baby Kick Flare (a great light wash option)

Banana Republic Dark Wash Flares (the longest tall option with a 38″ inseam)


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15 Responses to “Gracey Wears: Flares”

  1. Amy Blankenship

    I don’t think I looked straight at your hips. But, really, you have fine hips. If people want to look at them, great. I live in an area filled with fashionistas, and it kills me it’s rude to stare and I only half get to see what they did.

    • fashionforgiants

      You should just go ahead and stare. I know I do. Especially when there is complicated layering or something involved. I’m not trying to be rude, I’m trying to figure it out!

  2. Michelle...

    No flares or wide-legs for me! I’m a shorty who can no longer wear heels and the styles just swamp me without the extra height from my shoes. So I’m going the other way…..transitioning from slim-fitting tops to high volume and swapping out my flares/widelegs/bootcuts for straight/slim/skinny.

    • fashionforgiants

      You *can* wear flats with flares, but I agree, it’s hard to pull off, especially if you’re not quite as tall. I say wear what you’re most comfortable in; I know I’ll be in my skinnies more this winter than in flares. If only for practical reasons; I don’t like my pants dragging in the snow!

  3. Amy Olles

    going from skinnies to flares is fashion’s way of reminding ‘us’ we can never keep up with ‘them’ (at least that’s my pessimistic take) I mean talk about polar opposite looks – the profile just flipped 180 from flowy tops and skinny jeans to ….flow-y jeans and – what, crop/tight tops? I’m going to guess you aren’t the only on trend woman facing the issue of how to combine your current collection of tops suited for skinny jeans with the new it(flare) jeans.
    I think flares are too extreme to be classic and will exit the revolving trend door soon enough.
    I’d take a slightly wider leg jean though to give sillouette options though. I don’t always like the skinny jean and ankle boot look and sometimes knee high boots just aren’t comfortable to wear. Boot cut jeans seem to be a more classic, lasting cut. I noticed express has a ‘barely boot’ cut that offers a wider leg without going to extremes. That’s refreshing after seasons of ever skinnier cut jeans.
    This post was far more harsh than I intended. Some of it is that I am absolutely demoralized when it comes to finding pants/jeans that fit, Jeans/pants that have a sillouette that I like/will wear.
    I want to tell you that I am constantly amazed by how lovely you are and how well you dress your gorgeous self. Love your posts and styling work! You’re beautiful.

    • fashionforgiants

      Aww. Thanks, Amy! And your comment wasn’t harsh at all. It does sometimes feel as though fashion takes arbitrary turns based on absolutely nothing forcing us to feel as though what we’ve accomplished with our wardrobes is all for nothing.

      And the extreme between flares and skinnies is just ridiculous. I guess there was a short stop at straight leg jeans, but really not enough time to catch one’s breath and try to figure out where this trend is coming from and if you want to partake or not.

  4. Victoria Young

    OMG! That polka dot blouse tucked into the flares? LOOKS AMAZING on you. (Granted, the whole look is vaguely 1970s-does-1940s, or just straight up 1940s, which I adore, so I’m biased, but. FABULOUS OUTFIT)

    • fashionforgiants

      Thank you! That’s my favorite outfit with flares so far too!

  5. Ramona

    While you really do look quite lovely in these photos, for me, I feel as those flares emphasize a different shape than skinnies or straights. They are too bell shaped and end up making me feel heavy in volume. Skinnies make me feel lighter. They balance better with tops I now own. I like being on trend, but this time, what’s “in” will not rule what looks best for me.

    • fashionforgiants

      Yes. Exactly. They emphasize a different shape. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s definitely different.

      Well stated!

  6. Gisele

    You always make me smile, Gracey, and you look great in all the world’s pants.

  7. Stephani

    The flares look awesome! I love a flared jean; I feel like they’re just as potentially equestrian-appropriate as skinnies and riding boots (I don’t know if that’s everyone else describes the skinnies and boots look, but that’s how I think of it)–it just takes a different boot. Plus, you’re rocking the tucked-in shirt! That really shows off the length of your legs and you’ve got great hips.

    • fashionforgiants

      Thank you, Stephani! They’re certainly fun to play with, and I’m happy to get out of my rut of skinnies and tall boots, skinnies and tall boots (skinnies and tall boots)!

  8. Rebecca Roueche

    As Sally said earlier this year in another post, “Hips happen. Observers can just deal with it.” 🙂 The shirt looks fabulous tucked in!