Gracey Wears: Stripes

I don’t pay a lot of attention to fashion “rules.”  But, I am aware of their existence and sometimes find them irritating.  One rule, in particular, has always kind of niggled at me.  The rule that says if you’re plus-sized, you shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes.  I think it bothers me because it doesn’t tell the whole story.  Not all stripes are unflattering and I believe that anyone can wear stripes as long as they are the right type of stripes.

This dress?  It’s definitely the right type of stripes:

Gracey for Giants outfit featuring striped Old Navy dress, army jacket, skinny black belt & jewelry close up

Fashion for Giants outfit featuring striped Old Navy dress, army jacket, skinny black belt & Arturo Chiang sandals 1

Yes, they are horizontal, but they’re fairly thin, which makes them almost flattering.  Well, you know, as flattering as a horizontal stripe can be.

More importantly, they’re the right kind of stripe on the right type of dress.  The skirt drapes over the hips and the tummy and the thighs, cajoling even the most horizontal of stripes into a softer, more figure-flattering line.

Gracey at Fashion for Giants outfit featuring striped Old Navy dress, army jacket, skinny black belt & Arturo Chiang sandals 3

Today I wore the dress (Old Navy) layered underneath a jacket (thrifted via Goodwill).  I added a thin belt (Macy’s), a pair of black and bronze sandals (Arturo Chiang “Gessika” via Piperlime) and a vintage lion brooch.

Fashion for Giants outfit close up featuring a vintage gold-tone lion pin

Fashion for Giants outfit close up featuring arturo chiang gessika sandal via piperlime

These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago before the weather got warm, so the layers keep you from getting the full effect of how non-terrible these stripes are.  But, trust me, regardless of your build, horizontal stripes do not need to be banned from your wardrobe.



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10 Responses to “Gracey Wears: Stripes”

  1. Tragic Sandwich

    A year or two ago, I noticed plus-sized women wearing horizontal stripes that looked great on them. I think so much of this has to do with the kind of fabric–the tops I was seeing were somewhat drape-y, which worked even if the stripes were wider.

    But I totally agree–there are always “exceptions” to the rules, and this is a great example!

  2. Dawn

    I think that dress looks super cute on you! I like the way the stripes kind of angle down on the bottom or else it just looks that way because of the drape. Cute outfit.

  3. Jen

    The horizontal stripe thing was incorrect. There was even a study done on it. They actually make you look thinner. I googled it after noticing that all of my striped shirts made my waist look narrower than my solid shirts. I love stripes and have a similar dress on my wish list.

  4. jenny

    Both pieces are adorable and both look really good on you. Personally, I don’t care for them together.

  5. Anonymous

    I looked at the picture of you, thought you looked awesome, read the text, looked at the picture of you again, read the text to make sure I read it right, and…you’re plus-size?

    Now I’m sitting here and trying to figure out what my reaction meant about my stereotypes about plus-size (and not) women. To me, you look like a normal person. If you were plus-size, it felt like you were being unfairly forced to wear some black mark of shame.

    I thought I was open-minded towards people regardless of whatever, but my reaction has, frankly, left me shaken.

    • Gracey at Fashion for Giants

      I want to respond intelligently to this but I’m struggling because size is a weird thing and I don’t think I can put all of my thoughts on the matter into a reply to your comment.

      I will try to write something about this – I think about it often but can’t quite articulate it. I’ll try though.

  6. Stacy

    I have that dress and I LOVE it. I also love it with the military style jacket, and can’t wait to pair them together now! Thanks for the great idea!

  7. Ell

    What an adorable, chic outfit! You look wonderful – comfortable, cute and confident. Love the khaki, stripe combo and the sandals are great. Lovely!