Gracey Wears: Summer Boots

I wear a lot of boots and yes, I even wear them in the summer.  I don’t want to wear boots in the summer, but sometimes the Oregon rains don’t give a gal much of a choice.  So, I have a couple of pairs of what I call summer boots for those days where Oregon is busy keeping itself green.

What is a summer boot?  Well,  when I have to wear boots during what should be the warmer months of the year, I try to avoid black or even dark brown boots, opting instead for lighter colored boots, like this pair:

Fashion for Giants outfit featuring red, vintage skirt, JCP sweater, collared blouse & EA "Saylem" boots

And, when the weather cooperates (as in rainy, but not terribly cold), shorter, light colored boots are a great option:

Fashion for Giants outfit featuring suede skirt, denim shirt, vintage ram belt & Corso Como "Seminole" boots

And even lower cut, lighter colored and/or perforated, laser-cut or lace-y boots, like the following, are also great for summer:

Steve Madden “Prizzze” (image via Piperlime)

   Summer Boots - Steve Madded "Prizzie" via Piperlime

ZIGIgirl “Cole” (Image via Nordstrom)

Summer Boots - ZIGIgirl "Cole" boot via Nordstrom

Dolce Vita “Hattie” (Image via Bloomingdale’s)

Summer Boots - Dolce Vita "Hattie" bootie image via Bloomingdales

Dolce Vita “Maeve” (Image via Nordstrom)

Summer Boots - Dolce Vita DV "Maeve" boot via Nordstrom


What about you, Reader Friends?  Do you wear “summer boots?”



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14 Responses to “Gracey Wears: Summer Boots”

  1. Miss_T

    I rarely wear boots and do just fine in all sorts of weather without them. But when I do wear them, it’s when it’s raining or in otherwise inclement weather that affects the feet. I don’t go by the calendar/season, I go by the actual need and the weather. If it’s raining and 55 degrees in August, sure, I’d wear some sort of weather-appropriate boot. But if it’s 90 degrees and sunny and humid in August, I can’t imagine wearing boots, for fashion, or any other reason.

  2. Laurie

    Great post! However, the link to the ‘Hattie’ boots is not the same as pictured (can you tell I WANT!!)

  3. Annabeth

    Not in New Orleans! This is why, as a child, I could never even begin to fathom the phrase “summer sweater.”

    • LinB

      It’s as if we are not even speaking the same language as women in other parts of the country! “Summer sweater.” “Summer boots.” “Spring coat.” Shoot, even “winter coat” is not always necessary, and I live several hundred miles north and east of NOLA. Even the words “shoes” and “summer” don’t seem to go together … .

  4. A.B.

    Not for me in Miami. Some people do wear boots an pull off the look but I don’t try. If I lived in a climate where it was cooler I definitely would. I love boots and sweaters.

  5. jill

    I’ve been wondering about boots in the summer. I need sturdy footwear and can’t find anything I like with dresses. Cute stuff!

  6. @R

    Most appropriate: it’s a full-on galoshes day today in the Pacific Northwest! Any boots that aren’t particularly furry would be welcome today.

  7. Chloe

    Love this, and love Gracey’s style! I live in the desert, so I usually debut my “winter sandals,” but maybe I could pull this off… she looks great!

  8. Shaye

    I am usually just so over winter by the time spring finally rolls around that the most I can bring myself to do, even with the torrential rain we’ve had in the NW the last few days, is a closed-toe ballet flat. I don’t wear socks from April to October if I can help it! I sort of feel like this is my version of the people who start wearing shorts when it gets above 60 degrees.

    I suppose I might wear my cowboy boots in summer, though…

  9. Rachel

    Even just seeing other people wearing boots in the summer makes me hot and sweaty! Ha. Everyone has different comfort levels, though, clearly, since I saw people wearing boots as I was walking to work this morning in 30C temps.