Gracey Wears: Wardrobe Workhorses

Back in June, I wrote a post that listed seven items I felt are wardrobe workhorses.  This outfit incorporates four of the seven:

Gracey the Giant outfit featuring a bright tropical blouse, black tie-waist midi & jewelry close up Gracey the Giant outfit featuring a bright tropical blouse, black tie-waist midi & Enzo Angolini platform sandals

Something printed?  Check.

Something colorful?  Check.

Dark bottoms?   Check.

Comfortable shoes?  Check.

The reason these items made my wardrobe workhorse list is because of their potential to create outfits like this.  This look hits the sweet spot for me; it has both color and print (yay and yay), it has a high-waist midi skirt (high-waist midi skirts are my spirit garment) and it’s comfortable.  Additionally, it’s bike-riding friendly, kid-friendly (kidding, I have no idea about that sort of thing) and the skirt and top are both second-hand purchases.

All in all, it’s my kind of outfit.




Shop the Look:

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7 Responses to “Gracey Wears: Wardrobe Workhorses”

  1. Monica H

    I love the top – way cute and it seems to suit you.

    I have a challenge with skirts – how can one tell if they are supposed to be high waisted or low-slung? That one looks great as you are wearing it, but it seems I’m always wondering if skirts are too big or too small, and if the top of the skirt is sitting too high or too low

    There is also one more major benefit to this skirt and shirt from my point of view – looks awesome with no ironing!

    • Gracey the Giant

      I think that waist height is subjective. Because this skirt is thrifted, I have no idea how it was originally intended to be worn; there weren’t any ads to reference. But, personally, I tend to like to wear my skirts higher and so purposely bought this skirt because the waist is smaller and so fits me higher. That being said, with more structured skirts, you can generally tell where they’re supposed to hit by the darting; if the darts look funny, you may be wearing it too high or too low. For less-structured skirts, you have more leeway and can buy them a bit bigger to wear lower, but be careful you don’t drown in them.

  2. Sheila

    Love it! Those are so close to my own requirements for workhorses – it always makes it even better when you can find them second-hand.