Gracey Wears: Wide Legs

Let me first go on record as saying I love a skinny jean.  There is nothing that tucks into a boot better than a skinny jean.  However, the one trend I’m most excited about for this spring and summer is wide legs.

They started coming into style last year so I gave them a shot.  And, as it turns out, I love me some wide leg pants:

gracey the giant in plum pants, LOFT sweater, silk scarf & slingback mules

I love them in wide leg ankle length, like the above pair.  And I love them in culotte/gaucho form, like this thrifted pair:

fashion for giants in vintage culottes, vintage bow blouse & cage sandals

Now, they are not, perhaps, as figure-flattering as some other items in my closet.  But, I’ve realized that figure-flattery isn’t high on my list of priorities when I get dressed.  Is it because, as I get older, I have less of a figure to flatter?  It’s possible; but mostly, comfort and joy are just prioritized higher for me.

And darn it, wide leg pants bring me joy.  Also, they really are super comfortable.  And, they are also very versatile.  They can be dressed up, they can be dressed down, they can be worn under a dress:

gracey the giant in white linen crops, vintage fruit print dress & cage sandals


So, yeah, I’m all about wide legs this season.

What about you, Reader Friends?  Will you be trying this trend?  If so, you can see some of my favorites below.



Wide Leg Pant Collage


Top Row

1. Pleated Gaucho Pants – I love a pleated skirt, and am pretty sure pleated gauchos are also great.

2. Ann Taylor Piped Ankle Pants – I have these pants and they are both fabulous and currently on sale.

3. Pleated Crepe Culottes – These are a white version of my thrifted black culottes shown above.

Middle Row

1. Blush Crepe Culottes – A great pleated pair in one of the Pantone colors of the season.

2. Gap Pleated Culottes – In case you want to show a little more leg; also in white and khaki.

3. J. Crew Cropped Pants – I love, love, love the color and the drape on these pants.

Bottom Row

1. Old Navy Cropped Pants – A casual option; also available in navy.

2. Floral Print Silk – Don’t be afraid of printed culottes; just treat them as you would a printed midi.

3. Drapey Culottes – An easy, draped pair, similar to my cream linen pair worn above.

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9 Responses to “Gracey Wears: Wide Legs”

  1. contrary kiwi

    Man, that second look is SO COOL! You look super powerful, fresh and also feminine. Perfect <3

    I'm still way too in love with skinny pants to give wide leg pants a go, I'm afraid. Finding the perfect pair of skinny jeans is still such a rare event for me that they haven't lost their shine.

    • fashionforgiants

      Thank you so much, that’s one of my favorite looks! A lot of my favorite looks involve culottes though; I feel more capable in them than in a skirt.

      I know what you mean about skinnies; I’ll never give them up entirely, but wide legs have also worked well for me.

  2. Wendy Leonardo

    I love the look on you! I think they look best on taller women and with a high-vamped trendy shoe. I think my favorite is the first look.

    • fashionforgiants

      Thank you, Wendy! I agree that if you are taller, this trend is probably easier. And though they are often shown with a bare sandal, I tend to like them with a high-vamped shoe as well.


  3. Emily

    You look amazing! I am tentatively trying out this trend, but it is TOUGH – I am so used to skinny legs that it’s hard for me to come up with ideas for how to style it. But, you are inspiring me here! I think I gotta get a shorter / cropped pair instead of the ones I’m drowning in now that require super-high heels (which kind of saps my strength).

    – Emily

    • fashionforgiants

      It is tough! I had a lot of false starts before I figured out what worked for me. And this year I’ve found a couple of shorter pairs so that I can wear them with flats as well. Otherwise they do feel like they require a high heel and not even I want to do that every day.

      Good luck!


  4. Erika

    These all look smashing on you! I am not tall and I am very hourglassy, so I am drawn most to your last look – I like the contrast of the long line of the top and the kicky pants. 🙂