Greatest Hits 2013


Here’s a roundup of some favorite posts from the past year!

Body Image Musings

Greener Grass

Body Love, Pride, and Vanity

A Baseline

One Less Worry 

Clothes That Make You Feel Good

Photography and Body Image

A Pale Girl’s Confession

On Being a Tattooed Person

Body Neutrality

Curly Hair Bias 

What Flattering Means to Me

On Nudity

On Mixed Messages About Style and Body Image

What We Can Learn from Dressing

It’s OK to Have Pores

Shopping for Fiber Sensitive Women

Bra Politics

Youth, Folly, and Wrinkles 

Changing Your Body Image Monologue


The Pant Hem Dilemma

How to Train Yourself to Accessorize

Reader Request: Tights That Don’t Pinch

Reader Request: Stylish Shoes That Accommodate Orthotics

When to Replace Your Clothes

Thriftable Classics

Consignment vs. Thrift: Knowing Your Options

Three Items That Will Help You Look Pulled-together

Reader Request: Rise and Crotch Fit for Pants


Stylish Resources for Older Women

Regional Formal, Regional Casual

Adventures in Tailoring

The Skirt Zone

Why Color Trends Are Your Friends 

What Closet Orphans Can Teach Us

Rising Price Thresholds

Shopping Stigmas 

Swimwear Shopping Tips and Resources

Don’t Think, Shop

Fashion and Permission

Care About Fashion. But Not Too Much. 

Style Alchemy

The Joys and Hazards of Late-blooming Style

Clothing Consumer Expectation vs. Market Reality

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