Greatest Hits for 2015


Here are some of 2015’s best posts!


Thrifting Wisely for Designer Items

Proper Care of Wool Garments

How to Love Something from Afar Without Buying It

Lessons From the Dressing Room: Try on EVERYTHING

Dressing an Hourglass Figure

Young Clothes, Old Clothes

How Does Petite Sizing Work?

Why Are SO Many Dresses Sleeveless?

Contradictory Figure-flattery Advice

Does it Fit vs. Does it WORK

Normcore vs. Classic

How to Avoid Looking Dated

Mastering Slouchy and Relaxed Clothing Silhouettes

Style Tips for Pale Skin

When Matchy-matchy Makes Sense

Go vs. Match

Doing Better Moving Forward: How Watching “The True Cost” Changed My Mind About Everything

What to Wear When Your Weight is in Flux

Vendors and Brands with Sustainable, Conscious, or Worker-focused Practices

Designer-inspired Items and Knockoffs

Dressing for Grief

Styling Flares

Reclaiming Your Style

Body Image

What Your Body Is, What Your Body Isn’t

Observe and Reserve Judgment

Age-appropriateness and Trusting Your Gut

Start Today

Clothing Versus Body

Youth, Body Image, Aging

Body Image Barriers

Affection for the Unchangeable

Body Image and Paradigm Traps

You Have a Body

Dressing for a Post-pregnancy Midsection

The Mirror

On Effortlessness

Versions of You

It’s Not About How You Look

It’s Not About the Ad

Yes, And …

Modesty and Immodesty

Thanks for another great year, you marvelous readers, you!

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