Guest Post: Beauty Bets on Self-care and Pampering

A few weeks back, Sarah Von asked me if I’d been reading Beauty Bets. When she found out I hadn’t yet discovered this Twin Cities-based blog o’ beauty-related goodness, she nearly fell out of her chair. And when she e-introduced me to bloggess Elizabeth, instant buddyhood was kindled. I’ve been avidly reading her budget-friendly, down-to-earth cosmetics and beauty tips and tricks ever since.

And now I’m introducing you folks to the gal herself. I asked her to cook up a guest post that tied beauty practices to self-love, and couldn’t be more tickled by her response. Take a look!

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Disclaimer: I was born with a beauty gene. I don’t mean that I’M beautiful, I mean that from the time I could sell lemonade on our street corner, I was spending my meager earnings on Mood lipstick and lavender eye shadow. My parents, who are of the hearty hunt-fish-camp variety, used to joke that I was adopted. I tell you all of this so that you believe me when I say that I’m not a product of patriarchy, or a victim of the media, I’m just a honest-to-goodness hedonist who takes pleasure in regular pampering. For me, beauty is about making that mind-body connection. In fact, some of my most beloved rituals don’t even require a trip to the makeup counter:

  • Steam. The ultimate detoxifier is essentially free-of-charge. Here’s my recipe for a simple yet invigorating DIY facial steam that will leave your pores clean and your mind clear.
  • Tea. I’m a morning coffee drinker, but in the evenings my husband and I make tea. It’s a soothing ritual that feels healthy and mellows me out so I can get my beauty sleep. Any herbal blend will do, but Aveda Comforting Tea is laced with licorice and peppermint—so good.
  • Meditation. Running has wreaked havoc on my knees and feet, but so has the negative energy I carry in my body. You HAVE to take care of your mind if you’re going to keep your temple in tact, so I do my best to meditate regularly and see a holistic healer when I need help finding balance.
  • Facials. You don’t have to go to a fancy spa to rejuvenate yourself and your skin. It’s far from selfish to lock yourself in the bathroom with some almond oil, a superb facial massage treatment, or this ingenious baking soda mask.
  • Embracing You Inner Goddess. In other cultures, and in times past, women have had a sacred bond. Instead of competing, they propped each other up. They celebrated being female, and all of the emotions, intuitions, and complexities that come with it. Telling your friends how smart/funny/creative they are — or the stranger on the street how much you love her dress/lipstick/handbag — will make you feel beautiful, too.

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Find more insights and beauty advice over at Beauty Bets!

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9 Responses to “Guest Post: Beauty Bets on Self-care and Pampering”

  1. Jeanni

    I love this! Especially the inner goddess part! This is so amazing and that's so inspiring!

  2. katie d.

    Bets is awesome, and I love her last comment. I am so sick of women tearing each other apart.

  3. Sidewalk Chalk

    Great tips! I love the steam idea a lot.

    So funny that you mentioned that you were born with a beauty gene. When I was young I spent my allowance on Lipsmackers and white eye shadow, so makeup experimentation has always been one of my hobbies.

  4. Suzanne Sergis @

    Love the guest post and have added Beauty Bets onto my reader. Thanks for sharing Sal!

  5. beautybets

    Thanks everyone, for the warm welcome! Any other ideas on how to inject more inner goddess into our lives?

  6. McKella

    I am so trying that steam thing. I'm no girly-girl, but that sounds niiiiice.

  7. jesica

    I am glad to catch an idea from your article. This looks absolutely perfect. People always search for natural remedies for skin care and your information will be very helpful to all of us. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. I take and suggest everyone to take care of their skin and face.