Guest Post: Ease Up. Just a Tad. By Danielle Dowling

Danielle Dowling is a writer, relationship coach, and all-around firecracker who works with impassioned, progressive women interested in creating authentically rich love lives and careers. Her blog is a beacon of positivity and inspiration, and will teach you how to sort out your self-talk and embrace your own creativity. I’m absolutely honored to have her guest posting today, especially as she’s addressing self-love and forgiveness during a time of year notorious for stress and strife. Read on!

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Think less.
Push less.
+ breathe more.

The universe responds to your diligence but it also responds to your joy. Consider when it’s time to pull back. And don’t confuse this with ‘letting go.’

“Easing up” is taking your foot off the gas. Just a tad. It’s 45 miles an hour, not 60. A 5K run instead of a 10K.  Recognize when it’s time to loosen up and when it’s time to go harder.

Notice that voice that says:
“I don’t want to work so much today.”
“I need simplicity + quiet.”
“I need to hit the snooze button.”

At some point the relentless pushing will need to stop or at least be put on pause. Because there will always, always be more work to do, more improvements to make, more people to meet. And that won’t stop. Consider slowing down and letting progress +
contentment come to you.

Contrary what most of us believe, the world does not actually spins on its axis because of our own aggressive participation. What if we ceased participating so fiercely? We think if we slow down, progress will come to a stop. But have you tried?

Observe what happens.
Pulling back does not mean you will have to go without. Slowing down doesn’t mean you
have to expect less in return.
Traffic doesn’t screech to a halt.
Planes do not fall from the sky.
And friends and family are happy to wait an extra 24 hours to speak to you.

In fact, easing up may usher in the next wave of genius, spark, and deep breaths that preempt joy. And it just feels ‘effing good to take a break once in awhile.

Ease up on yourself, but don’t minimize your dreams. The cosmos will help you make your magic happen. So take a break. Make space for the seed of your efforts to bloom.

Know that the universe has your back on this one.
We all do.

Image courtesy Tetra Pak.

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10 Responses to “Guest Post: Ease Up. Just a Tad. By Danielle Dowling”

  1. poodletail

    Thank you, Danielle. This is just what I needed today. (And thank you, Universe, for this gift.)

  2. Natasha

    It’s my first day back at work after an extended Xmas break. I needed to read this. In fact, I think I will need to read it throughout the year.

    Thank you so much!

    • Danielle Dowling

      Hi Natasha!

      Thanks for stopping by….I wrote this post because I find me reminding myself of this message very very often. Challenging to slow down but so necessary. In fact, I think I need to read it again! 🙂

  3. Zelda

    I find this really privileged. Sleeping in would mean getting to work late and losing my job. Travelling slower and getting to work late would mean losing my job. Getting up earlier to travel slower and be on time would mean less sleep.

    Going to bed earlier would make my life sleep, travel, work, travel sleep – I only have an hour at home in the evenings after my three hour commute. I need that hour to cook, eat, do my washing, relax, spend time with my husband. I spend six hours a day getting to and from work, eleven hours at work, and need at least six hours sleep. My weekends are too full of trying to keep the rest of my life together to relax.

    Finding a job closer to home means taking time off to interview, which means less pay that week, which means less food. I’ve tried buying a cheaper weekly ticket so that I can afford to take an afternoon off, but that means I have to walk instead of catch the bus for the last leg of my commute, adding another half an hour on to my travel time. If I don’t go this hard all day every day, I won’t have a home to go afterwards.

    • Mirjam

      Zelda, I really like this comment, you said exactly what I wanted to say, only better. And I find it also very interesting that all the other comments got a reply from the author whereas yours didn’t.

      • Sal

        Hmmm. I don’t think Danielle is suggesting making changes or slowing down to the point of putting your employment at risk or adding additional stress to your life. I don’t see this a directive to do things differently at any cost, but instead as a suggestion to ease up when you can in ways that work with your life and needs.

        • Danielle Dowling

          Zelda and Mirjam,

          I am simply suggesting you give yourself a well deserved deep breathe + break every so often. By no means am I suggesting you reconfigure your life in such a way that it would jeopardize your job or sense of security in life. That would be the opposite of what the post is promoting which is more ease + less anxiety when it can be taken. Hit the snooze button on a Sunday morning for 10 extra minutes. It might help with some necessary unwinding. You are free to disagree of course but thank you for your comments + good luck with all. 🙂

  4. bubu

    I realized some of this last night after doing some meditation and journaling – nice to see it echoed here. I recognized that this week, being the first full week back at school for my kids and work for me, is going to be a hard adjustment after the fun and excitement and time off during the holidays. This is also the time of year I tend to embark on massive clean-up, makeover projects, both on myself and on my home. And lo and behold, work alwasy kicks up a notch as well. Then, sure as rain, I go and go and go, and then get whumped by a bad cold or flu that sends me to bed for a week or more, and all the while I’m stressed out about missing all those other things. So I decided this week, just the basics, ma’am: Work, kids to school, dinners, but no evening projects on top of that, no committee meetings, school recitals, parent council, etc etc. Build in some time to meditate after the kids go to bed – even just 15 minutes before dishes, to give myself some mental, physical and emotional downtime. It makes a world of difference for easing into the new year rather than attacking it with a bang, only to get knocked back flat.

    • Danielle Dowling

      Hi Bubu!

      It is so easy to add more to “the list,” isn’t it? I’m feeling a little burnt out myself after the holidays + with the responsibilities of work and was just telling my boyfriend this morning that he has to help me stay OFF the computer and iphone at least 2 hours before bed. This must be relaxation and unwinding time….otherwise, as most women do, I work all the way up to the time I have to go to bed + then dream about work all night! lol

      I like your commitment for the week + I am going to follow in suit!
      If you get a chance find me over at my Facebook page and later this week let me know how the relaxation and slower pace worked out! XO