How to Knot a Blouse at the Waist

I’ve become extremely fond of gathering up my buton-front shirts and blouses and knotting them at the waist. You’ve seen me do this approximately 70 trillion times since spring, I believe. And I had a couple of folks ask for some tips for how to make this work, so I whipped up a video!

Requisite list of things I forgot to mention in the video itself:

  • I don’t do this with pants, so I can’t offer much advice there. But I believe that on some body shapes, knotting lower on the torso will work beautifully. (If you knot as high as I do, you’ll need some taaaalllllll pants.)
  • This technique also works with dresses. See?
  • Finally shirts and blouses with some stretch/spandex will generally knot better and hug the body a bit closer.

And now, on with the show!

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13 Responses to “How to Knot a Blouse at the Waist”

  1. Naomi

    Completely unrelated to style or blouse-knotting — you have a beautiful voice, Sal!

    • Aimee C

      Agreed! I just realized in this video that you have a cute Minnesota accent.

      • Sal

        Hahaha! I do? I guess that might be a natural progression … I’ve lived here for 12 years!

  2. Bekka

    Thanks for this! It’s never occurred to me to fold the back of the shirt under to prevent bunching, this is great!

  3. MM

    I think you’d have better luck shooting these demos inside. Also, edit them, rather than just 1 long take. Your explanation is very clear, when the camera moves in on the blouse, the demo makes sense. And you’re very animated on camera, which is great.

      • Litenarata

        I think for a short video like this that editing is unnecessary. When people do that in short videos, it’s jarring and unnatural.

  4. Chris


    Wonderful voice and presence in front of the camera!


  5. contrary kiwi

    Oooh I like your voice! I don’t normally like American accents much, but I like yours. Thank you for the video, because I would not have thought of doing this. Now I have to try it!

  6. Chris

    Sal’s a natural! She can be a talk show host, documentary filmmaker, actor, news anchor, university lecturer, whatever she’d like. She has such a strong and pleasant voice, perfect timing and delivery, and looks beautiful, comfortable, and confident in front of the camera.


  7. Joy

    If you will always put the top tail OVER the bottom tail on the second knot, you will get a lot better knot, and the tails will stay sideways.