Underutilized Wardrobe Items: Keep ’em Visible

keep clothes where you can see them

We all play favorites. We reach for the same skirt, the same jeans, the same flats again and again. And in order to make that reach less time-consuming, we move those favorites to the front of the closet, the nearest shelf, the top of the drawer.

And this? This means that we may be unintentionally creating closet orphans. Why?

Because if you can’t see it, you’ll forget about it.* That embellished cardigan that you snapped up on clearance after waiting patiently for the price to drop? It’s hidden beneath your gray and black ones. That pair of burgundy skinnies you simply had to have? Buried after one wear, overshadowed by its denim-y cousins. And unless you remind yourself – visually – that these items are yours for the wearing, they shall go unworn. And, eventually, you may apply a rule about length of time unworn and donate them without even giving them a fair shake!

If you’ve got items that still fit and that you still adore languishing unworn, I recommend moving them to the front of your closet, the top of the heap, or even to a wardrobe staging area where they’re in plain sight. Getting them out in the open allows you to consider their possibilities, mull how to wear them, consider moving them into rotation.

And if, after a few weeks of this, they still can’t seem to worm their way into daily wear OR if you find that instead of sparking your creativity they’re simply stoking your guilt, consider your options. Do you want to make a project of this? Set aside some time to workshop a few outfits around these items? Or has this proven to you that they were bought in error and should be donated, handed down, or sold?

Either way, you’ve just forced a decision. And potentially saved a garment from an orphaned life.

*Assuming that you have a fairly full closet and are not a hard-core minimalist. Some people own 20 total items! They can see IT ALL.

Image courtesy Apartment Therapy.

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3 Responses to “Underutilized Wardrobe Items: Keep ’em Visible”

  1. Julia @ When the Girls Rule

    Yes! Oh my gosh this happens to me all the time. Then I find the item and wear it like three times a week until it falls off the hanger onto the dark floor of my closet to be forgotten! There are a few items though that I don’t forget about b/c they work in so many ways. Either way, good advice to use the items we already own!


  2. Madame_K

    I have the opposite problem, in a way. Infrequently worn items pop into my mind — “that blazer would be perfect for today” — and then I can’t find them anywhere. I don’t own that many clothes, and my house is not that big or cluttered, yet I manage to lose them. This happened to me just this morning, and I’m really worried that I fell prey to yet another wave of minimizing buzz and gave something away, then forgot I did so.