In Place of an Outfit …

I give you this photo of me and my fabulous mom with our semi-matching Foley + Corinna Mid-City Totes and semi-matching shades. Mom had been admiring my tote for ages, so Dad and I got her one for her recent birthday. (It was my job to track down the perfect color/hardware combo on eBay, and I totally nailed it, if I do say so myself! Mom is all about the green.)

We carried them around together for the duration of the visit and drew some hilarious sidelong glances. And we didn’t care one bit.

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15 Responses to “In Place of an Outfit …”

  1. Terri

    Oh, Sally, I love this! Is your mother a natural redhead? Mine is. And I’ve admired the bag you’ve both got now from afar.

  2. Katie

    Sal! You and your mom are simply darling. Not only do you have matching purses and glasses, but matching confidence and chutzpah too! You can just tell!

  3. Val C-MN

    Very cute photo. I love that you have matching totes in different colors. Those sidelong glances were of envy….they should have just complimented you two on the pretty totes. I try to give a compliment when I see a very pretty purse/tote. It makes the other person feel good and it allows the admirer to gaze at it further without embarrassment…LOL

  4. Christine

    I love the bags and your mother looks so happy. I would use the same bag as my daughter if we could just find one in colors that we liked.

  5. Sarah

    I’m curious to know why you leave the shoulder strap attached if you don’t use it. Doesn’t it just get in the way? It’s funny how everyone interprets pieces differently. When I look at that bag I know immediately that I would wear the strap over my shoulder and fold the top of the bag over to hide the zipper. I’m all for the hands-free options – carrying a purse by the handles drives me bananas.

    • Sal

      I do both, but actually find the hand handles to be more comfortable generally. I leave the shoulder strap on for times when I need my hands free.

  6. Aimee

    There was a Gilt sale last week and I finally got me one of these bags. Love it! I’m sure your mom will love hers too.

  7. Judy

    You and your Mom look adorable! Enjoy your time together!

  8. Ellie

    You two are so cute! And I love the way you work it. I find a similar thing happens with my sister, even though we live in different countries when we meet up we often find we’re wearing variations of the same shoes. Funny and sweet.