Insomniac Sale Picks: Black Platform Ankle Boots

*In this late-night feature – which will run on Tuesday and Thursday of each week – I’ll gather up three fun items that are currently on sale online and share them with you! I would LOVE suggestions: Stylish wide-width pumps? Classic v-necked sweaters? Chandelier earrings? Petite dress slacks? What would you like to see featured?*

Jean requested a few picks for black platform ankle boots, so here we go:



Sbicca Cello Boot – was $120, now $41.80 – $72.99

Jean’s request was for ankle boots like my own ECCO pair, so that means platform, lug sole, and high shaft – all of which are present in this style. Love the addition of the exposed zip and wide strap closure, too! Available in black as well as tan or taupe in U.S. sizes 6 -10. Size availability varies by color. This similar style is available in wide widths, and this exposed-zip pair is vegan-friendly.

lug sole ankle boot

BELLAMARIE ELVY-39 Ankle Bootie – was $45.99, now $27.99 – $37.99

This style is a pull-on, but still has a slight platform and edgy lug sole. Also made from faux suede and fabric, so vegan-friendly! Available in this black as well as taupe suede or caramel suede in U.S. sizes 5.5 -10. Size availability varies by color. This similar style is a wedge, but available through 11.5 and in wide widths.

chunky heel boots

2 Lips Too Accept Boot – was $64.95, now $22.44 – $45.05

That’s a pretty towering heel, there, but with the platform offset it’ll feel like 3″ instead of 4″. Not for high-heel novices, though! This pair is also vegan-friendly and available in black as well as luggage or tan in U.S. sizes 6 -11.

Other not-currently-on-sale resources for black platform ankle boots:

  1. ECCO – Jean was hoping for styles similar to my ECCO Parnu boots, and although there aren’t tons of platform options, many of the ECCO ankle boots have a similar aesthetic.
  2. Coclico – They won’t be cheap, but they’ll be well-made!
  3. Naot – Slightly futuristic styles, made in Israel. Love these lug-sole booties.

Other not-currently-on-sale resources for black platform ankle boots:

  1. Steve Madden – This pair is almost identical to mine, and the brand has some other great platform options, too.
  2. Amazon – If you’re willing to take a chance on a cheap brand like Soda, Amazon has lots of funky lug-sole pairs for under $50.
  3. Overstock – Same deal: Lesser-known brands, but great prices. This pair looks sturdy and badass.

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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    This is a comment on Woolovers. Do not buy from there, their sizings are atrocious! I ordered a few things and the fit was terrible, the sweaters are horribly itchy. If you are in the US, it cost more money to send them back then to have them. Terrible fit, one bag over your head size fits all. Dont waste your money.