Insomniac Sale Picks: Dresses for Long Torsos

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Annabeth requested a few picks for dresses that will work on women with long torsos, so here we go:

First a quick note: When it comes to dresses, if you’re a woman with a long torso who is NOT terribly tall, you may still want to explore tall size dresses. The waists will hit a bit lower, and some styles can be hemmed without messing up the overall design. (Not all! But some.) In this post, however, I’ll suggest a few styles that have lower-placed waistlines or designs that will accomodate a longer torso.


Exposed Zipper Dress – was $69.95, now $45.47
with code GAPFALL

Shift styles can be great for long-waisted gals, as they have very subtle waist shaping or sometimes none at all. This dress has the added bonus of sleeves – a rarity in all dresses – and a shorter hemline. If you’ve got a long torso, you are likely to have shorter legs and a higher hemline can help create balance. Available in red, black, and navy in sizes 0 -20, including petite and tall sizes. (For a slightly longer hemline and similar shape, see this camp dress. Love this cobalt ponte one, too.)


Jura Dress – was $79, now $54.99

Yes, this dress has a waistline that hits under the bust. But unlike so many similar dresses, that ruching extends for several inches creating a larger band of waistline than we typically see. It won’t work for all, but so long as your natural waist hits at the bottom end of or just slightly below the ruching, you should be safe. Available in this raspberry, olive, turquoise, and black in sizes XXS – XL, including some tall sizes. (See note above.)


Three Dots Stripe Tank Midi Dress – was $148, now $88.80

Decidedly casual, but an interesting option for a long-torso with a pieced, asymmetric waistline. Depending on your preferences, you could probably trim an inch or two from the hemline without ruining the lines … but not much more. And imagine this with a denim or military jacket and boots for fall. Fun! Available in sizes XS – L.


Drop Waist Sueded Dress – was $69, now $27.97

And, of course, if your waist is low and you’re not super curvy, drop waists can be fun. This one is short, but could be paired with tights for the office. Made from sueded twill, which will be so soft and luxurious to wear. Available in blue and pale pink in sizes XS – L. (Also see this long-sleeved jersey drop waist dress – casual, but cute.)

Other not-currently-on-sale resources for dresses that will work on women with long torsos:

  1. Land’s End – I know because I have a high waist myself and most of their waisted dresses hit far below my own natural waist!
  2. Piperlime – Definitely some high and empire waists in there, but a significant number hit lower like this silky shirt dress.
  3. Anthropologie – Similar to Piperlime, there are plenty of high waists here, but Anthro seems to buy/design for the tall woman so also lots of lower/longer options like this lovely mixed media dress.
  4. And, of course, THRIFT STORES! Dress waistlines have migrated all over the place, so buying used and vintage might be just the thing. ( can help you locate stores near you.)

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7 Responses to “Insomniac Sale Picks: Dresses for Long Torsos”

  1. Mia

    Holy cats, that Jura dress is gorgeous! I so don’t need a new dress but the color and waistline knocks me out. As someone with a longer torso, thanks for doing these picks, Sal, and thanks for requesting them, Annabeth!

  2. Judy

    Note that the Athleta Jura dress also comes in Tall (and Petite) so it should work for nearly everyone! I am getting one for sure!

  3. Tragic Sandwich

    I have a few designers whose dresses *almost* fit right–switching to the tall/long size might make the difference. I’d never thought of that. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Krysta

    I’m short, but I have a long torso/short legs relative to my body height. I actually find that high natural-to-low empire waists look good on me (as long as I’m careful about cut to avoid the pregnant look on the empires). For me, it visually raises the waist and makes my legs look longer than they are.

  5. AlsoTracy

    I am 5’8 1/4″ with a long torso — so too tall for many regular sizes but not tall enough for tall sizes). I have found that Lands’ End dresses are always too short waisted for me. But they are consistent — every single one hits my ribs at the same place. (No tall sizes in their dresses.) I just started buy tall sizes and hemming them in the past year out of desperation. (How many sleeveless shift dresses does one person need?) However, this ( was my most recent purchase and I didn’t have to hem it. Hooray! Unfortunately it isn’t on sale, but not crazy expensive at $79.