Insomniac Sale Picks: Funky Silver Cuff Bracelets

*In this late-night feature – which will run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week – I’ll gather up three fun items that are currently on sale online and share them with you! I would LOVE suggestions: Stylish wide-width pumps? Classic v-necked sweaters? Chandelier earrings? Petite dress slacks? What would you like to see featured?*

Charlene requested a few picks for funky silver cuff bracelets, so here we go:


Lace Bangle – was $50, now $23.20
with code EXTRA

Hmmm. This is not a “bangle,” friends at Macy’s. But it is a very cool openwork cuff that will look vaguely snowflake-esque in winter and like lovely summer foliage when the weather finally turns. Gorgeous.


Crystal and Chains Hammered Cuff – was $48, now $24

I love this option for being simultaneously badass and SPARKLY. I can envision this elevating casual jeans/tee outfits or adding some spice to business casual. A fun and versatile piece.


Crisscross Cuff Bracelet – was $50, now $23.20
with code EXTRA

OK, I guess it could be argued that this one isn’t terribly funky. But dang, it’s pretty. Cuffs can obscure the wrist which can make arms look a little tubular, but since this one dips in at bottom and top, it’ll look amazing on everyone.


Houndstooth Cuff – was $18.15, now $12.70

And here’s the funkiest I could find that still appealed to my own taste. Houndstooth! For your wrists! If it looks a little odd here, click through for a photo of it worn by a model. Very cool.

Other not-currently-on-sale resources for funky silver cuff bracelets:

  1. Max & Chloe – Lots of spendy options, but affordable ones, too. Love this geometric cuff.
  2. Fantasy Jewelry Box – Lots of fun and affordable options like this embossed silver cuff.
  3.  eBay – Used, new, vintage, and handmade options. Nearly 50,000 of ’em at last count.
  4. And, of course, THRIFT STORES! It’ll be hit or miss, for sure, but thrift and antique stores are fabulous places to look for funky jewelry. ( can help you locate stores near you.)

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5 Responses to “Insomniac Sale Picks: Funky Silver Cuff Bracelets”

  1. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Well here I am at 4 AM – they’re dredging the beach and the tractor has to make “safety beeps” every few seconds . . . Insomnia shopping time! I’m crazy for the chunky Crystal and Chains cuff. xo

  2. Ness

    I’d love to see some skinny black work-appropriate pants (that is, no leggings). Bonus points if they’re for us long-legged ladies.