Insomniac Sale Picks: Higher Rise Boot Cut Jeans

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Katy requested a few picks for budget-friendly boot cut jeans with a relatively high rise, so here we go:


Lee Platinum Label Angel Barely Boot – was $56, now $28

Lees are just fantastic, you guys. Never above $60, most styles under $40, amazing fit, great quality, wash well, last forever. I have a pair of the Barely Boot style and just adore them – not too flare-y, but still balanced and flattering. This style has a comfy 10.75″ front rise. Available in sizes 2 -18. Lee also does Barely Boot in petite and plus sizes.


Wit & Wisdom Itty Bitty Bootcut – was $64, now $38.40

My polka dot skinny jeans are Wit & Wisdom, and they’re good quality. This pair has a 9.5″ front rise which will be more of a mid-rise on many figures, but is still a lot higher than most pairs on the market! A great darker wash with some modern finishing. Available in sizes 0 – 16. (This style is similar and available in sizes 14W – 24W.)


Levi’s 512 Perfectly Slimming Bootcut Jeans – was $54, now $39.99

In my experience, most “slimming” jeans may have some sort of “tummy panel” but mostly just feature nice, high rises. These are listed as a mid-rise, but look waist-height to me! Available in sizes 4 -16 regular length, as well as some short lengths. Kohl’s also has Levi’s mid-rise boot cut jeans in petite and plus sizes, pretty much all on sale right now.

Other not-currently-on-sale resources for budget-friendly boot cut jeans with a relatively high rise:

  1. Lee – It’s worth repeating: One of my own denim mainstays. Affordable, high-quality, and a great variety of higher rise styles.
  2. NYDJ – So this is an expensive brand, but stalk it for great sale prices. Super comfy, great quality, and high rises in regular, petite, and plus. This super dark wash pair is on sale but still $73 right now. Wait for clearance! Check 6pm and Nordstrom, too.
  3. Kut from the Kloth – If mid-rise is more your style, this brand offers lots of great styles including plus sizes. Nab ’em on sale when you can. Check 6pm, too.
  4. Eddie Bauer – Even the lower rise styles are higher than Gap and similar. Great dark washes, too.
  5. And, of course, THRIFT STORES! Older styles will have higher rises, and boot cuts are eternal. ( can help you locate stores near you.)

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6 Responses to “Insomniac Sale Picks: Higher Rise Boot Cut Jeans”

  1. Shaye

    I can vouch that the Levi’s 512s are quite a high rise. I have an average torso and a bit of a tummy, and they hit right at my waist. I’ve owned multiple pairs of these and I’m still not sure what the “tummy control” business is – they’re just stretchy and comfy on me! These are pretty much the only fit of jeans I wear.

  2. yasmara

    I discovered Wit & Wisdom this fall and looooove them! Great jeans, reasonable price. They are not the thickest denim, though, if that’s a consideration. On a recommendation from someone else, I just bought two pairs of jeans at American Eagle – they have quite a few higher-rise styles & I was impressed with the size selection in-store (and more sizes available online). AE is a store I NEVER would have even thought of entering (not my demograpic), but I was pleasantly surprised.

  3. Tragic Sandwich

    I have a short rise, so some “low-rise” jeans actually hit me at the waist, and some provide more exposure than I want. Right now I’m wearing Boden boot-cuts, and they’re some of the best jeans I’ve ever owned (although I only buy them on sale–I cannot afford them full price!)

  4. Nebraskim

    I used to love Eddie Bauer jeans but they have recently gone to adding polyester to the fabric and I HATE it. Makes the pants feel clammy and the worst part is they attract lint, pet hair, etc. So not what I want jeans, especially dark wash jeans, to do. I bought two pair this summer and while the look and fit was OK, they got sent to the thrift store in September because the fabric was a total loser for me. I do find Lee jeans to be better and they can be purchased pretty inexpensively. I look for cotton with no more than 5 percent lycra/spandex (prefer 2 percent). I guess manufacturers are adding polyester to denim because it keeps the price point a bit lower now that the cost of raw cotton has soared.