Insomniac Sale Picks: Leather Wide-calf Boots

*In this new late-night feature – which will run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week – I’ll gather up three fun items that are currently on sale online and share them with you! I’ll get the ball rolling myself, but would LOVE suggestions. Stylish wide-width pumps? Classic v-necked sweaters? Chandelier earrings? Petite dress slacks? What would you like to see featured?*

Annie requested a few picks for wide-calf boots made from real leather, and I’ve now vetted approximately 65 pairs in search of a few faves. Here we go:

Gabor 16.596/Tucson – was $355, now $172.99

These are breathtakingly expensive at full price, so I’m just tickled to have found them on sale! I’ve been ogling this boot for months and just had to include it. It’s stylishly designed, made from quality leather, has a fabulous little heel, and is ingeniously designed to accomodate calf widths and shapes with those little buckles. Endless states that the shaft has a 15.25″ to 18″ adjustable circumference. Only a few sizes left in that lovely brown, but a great selection in black and brown (though not on sale)¬†here.

FRYE Jane Stitch Extended Calf – was $329, now $199 – $297

Frye’s idea of “extended” is a 16″ circumference, but if that works for you, you’re in such luck. These gorgeous pull-on boots come in this gorgeous cognac, dark brown, and black and they are bound to be just as durable and indestructible as ALL Frye boots. Even on sale, they’re an investment, but believe me when I say that these boots will last forever. You’ll pass them down to your granddaughters. Seriously.

Ros Hommerson Sphere – was $200, now $139.99

I don’t generally go in for loads of equestrian detailing on riding boots, but actually love that little harness at the ankle of these dark brown lovelies. Ros Hommerson consistently designs versatile, classic tall boots with wide calf versions available. These have a 19.25″ circumference and would make a great addition to any wardrobe.

And I’m gonna break with tradition and include these because they’re not on sale but just too gorgeous to overlook:

Bronx Too Soon$165

I know! Cheating! But look at them! Real leather, gorgeous styling (they remind me of my Diesel boots), and a nice sturdy heel. Plus SO nice to see wide calf boots in a color other than black and dark brown. Shaft is 16″, so not super wide, but wider than many. OK. Sorry. Won’t happen again.

Other not-currently-on-sale resources for great leather wide-calf boots:

  1. DUO – I’ve heard one or two mixed reviews and a few complaints about high prices, but overall I’m told this website is THE BEST place to get a variety of well-made, stylish, wide (and narrow) calf boots. And it looks like they’re still running a free worldwide delivery special!
  2. Wide Widths – Another resource that has come highly recommended by many readers and clients.
  3. Avenue – Many options are faux leather, but you really can’t beat the variety. Colors, styles, heel heights, and calf widths up to 21″ in some styles/sizes.

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18 Responses to “Insomniac Sale Picks: Leather Wide-calf Boots”

  1. Anat

    I am a freshly disappointed DUO customer. I took all my foot, ankle and calf measurements, consulted with their customer care, but got a very badly fitting boot which I returned. It was quite disappointing!

    I did however head over to a nearby mall and managed to find the perfect classic, heeled and fitted black boot I had been looking for within about 10 minutes and 30% the price of DUO.

    So I was happy to learn that a16.5″ calf is still a size that can be found at some regular shops. And I love my new lovely boots…

  2. Daisy

    I have to put in a plug for J. Crew, I have three pairs of their extended calf boots (available online only) and they are extremely well made. Expensive, but I have purchased all mine at at least 25% off. I just had my oldest pair, which is 5 years old, resoled, and they look like new. Plus, they have a variety of colors and styles, not just plain black. They are not super-wide (most are 16 to 16 1/2 inches), but they work for me. I cannot fit into the Frye extended calf, but I can wear these. BTW, I think it is odd that these are so hard to find- I am 5’4 and a size 8 and have trouble fitting into most boots-how much harder must it be for ladies larger than me? Perhaps it explains the proliferation of Uggs-people do want to wear boots, but they are the only readily available ones that fit!

    • Sal

      I’m glad you spoke up, Daisy! I had no idea their wide calf offerings were so good.

    • Katharine

      I agree, Daisy — I mean, about the weird narrowness of most boots. I’m about the same size as you (pushing more to size 8-10 though) and just do not get why a 15.5″ calf is SO HARD to accommodate!

      Although I will put in my usual plug here for the stretching services of your friendly neighbourhood shoemaker. If the boots are high quality and all leather, they will stretch a LOT more than you think. Example: I have two pairs of Fluevogs (and there’s a particularly bad offender! never come across any pair of Fluevog tall boots that are bigger than 13″ in the calf!) and both have been stretched over two inches in the calf (to fit both my muscly legs and skinny jeans at the same time). However, I’ve found that a good stretch sometimes does take two trips; high-quality leather will rebound a bit after stretching, and both those boots have had to go back for another go after a couple of months.

  3. Anne

    Thanks for this post, Sal! I’ve been on the lookout for wide-calf boots myself (though sadly, 16″ doesn’t work for me). I’m heading to check these links out!

  4. Sheila (of Ephemera)

    I have a pair of Gabor boots (got them on deep sale) and they are fantastic! I didn’t know about the calf width thing, but mine also are adjustable. Super comfy and amazing quality boots.

  5. BD

    Their materials are usually synthetic, but I adore my Bare Traps. They are comfy, cute, and several of their styles accommodate my big ol’ calves.
    Thanks for the post, Sal!

  6. Velma

    The measurements on the Frye Janes don’t sound right to me. I just bought these boots in the regular calf size (my calves measure 14.25″), which are billed at 15″. The boots are generous in the calf on me, verging on loose (great over jeans or heavy tights!). I just measured, and the calves about halfway down are 15 or even 15.5, and the top of the boots are 16″. Again, that is on the regular model.

    These are totally lovely boots, by the way. I have already worn them twice. The heel is sturdy and walkable, and I wore them very comfortably for eight hours the first time out of the box.

  7. Ashley

    Beautiful boots!

    Can you do an Insomniac Shopper feature on warm, but not overly expensive, sweaters and cardigans? I’ve had a lot of trouble finding well-made, winter-appropriate sweaters to wear during this blustery season that don’t run for more than I can afford as a young working person (though I have had some excellent luck at Goodwill — I picked up a lovely cranberry oversized cashmere sweater there a few weeks ago!).

  8. Carmen

    Thanks for this post! I’ve been on the hunt for wide calf boots. I’ve literally bought 4 pairs and sent all back. I have two more on the way… my fingers are crossed.

    I would like to put in a good word for Zappos. It’s super easy to return things and they have GREAT customer service. They have a decent selection of wide calf boots as well. Well, I guess we’ll see how my next couple of pairs work out.

    I’m in agreement with everyone else here. I’m 5′ 2″ and a size 14, so certainly not a skinny girl, and have some pretty sturdy legs, but by no means are they super large. It’s really difficult to find boots that fit short legs and thicker calves!

  9. Kenzie

    Yay wide calf love! I’d still love to see you do something on wide calf skinny jeans. size 4 + wide calves mean that most lines I shop do not understand my proportions and someday I’d like to find a nice pair of skinny jeans that doesn’t cut off the circulation in my legs.

    I’m only verging on too large for some boots since they don’t make assumptions about my calf size based on my butt. idk my measurements because I’m lazy but I can have some luck in regular boots, but not always. I can generally tell the styles that work for me. I got a pair of Clark Laylas that fold over partly, so when I wear them folded it hits below the widest part of my calf and in order to fold over, the top has to be wider, so it works.

    • Daisy

      Try Loft for skinny jeans that fit a wider calf, they are the only place I’ve had any luck, and with a coupon you can get their jeans for around $35. They are plain, but work tucked in to my wide calf boots! I am curvy, but the curvy fit actually looks terrible on me, I buy the modern fit.

  10. Trystan (the CorpGoth)

    I’ll repeat my complete & utter devotion to my tall Clarks — leather with a small elastic gusset & cushy soles I can walk for miles & miles in. My calves are a sturdy 16″ at the very least, & these fit beautifully. I even got them on over leggings!

    The one thing I’m still looking for, however, is real leather, wide-calf boots with a heel. Not a crazy stiletto or anything, but a lovely 2″-3″ heel or maybe a cute wedge. *sigh*

    Random insomnia recs: plus size tights (Calvin Kleins are fantastic), print silk scarves under $50 (other than thrifted ;-), skinny belts, hoop earrings, long cardigans/dusters like you always wear (oh how I love those but can’t find them!).

  11. Allison

    I’ve had great luck with the brand Fitzwell from Zappos. Comfy (like, no-need-to -break-them-in-comfy) and stylish and they won’t break the bank!

  12. Lauren


    I’d like to put in a request for figure flattering (ahem, tummy- friendly) dresses.


  13. Maven

    I love talking boots because they’re so hard to fit. My calves are close to 17 inches, but extended calf boots often look really terrible on me. They curve in the wrong places. I’ve had really good luck with many Nine West styles, surprisingly–I have four pairs from the Vintage America collection, including these in three colors and the style Casilda, which I guess is sold out. I have my eye on this style as well.

    I recently bought these Lumiani boots from Zappos and I love them. The fit is great and the quality is decent, though I wish the sole/heel didn’t feel so cheapy-cheap. And I am forever glad that I jumped on the Frye Veronica Slouch extended calf, which it seems are currently in stock at Zappos but very frequently are not available.

    One thing to keep in mind while checking boot measurements is that the shaft circumference is going to vary depending on the shoe size. I don’t remember where I read this, but the circumference increases by about a quarter inch for each half size. So if the measurements were taken on a size 8, the circumference should be a half inch bigger on a size 9, for example. This rule has been helpful for me in determining whether I should take a chance on ordering a 16 inch circumference boot–they’re almost always measured with a smaller size than I actually wear.

  14. Pam

    Just want to put a plug in for DUO boots – I have four pair – have had phenomenal success in getting proper fit in the calf – and delivery in short order. As well, customer service is fantastic. Yes, pricey, but a pair a year, and it doesn’t take long to create a nice tall boot collection! The ones I bought three years ago still look great.