Insomniac Sale Picks SPECIAL EDITION: Plus-size Style for Women Over 65

*In this late-night feature – which will run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week – I’ll gather up three fun items that are currently on sale online and share them with you! I would LOVE suggestions: Stylish wide-width pumps? Classic v-necked sweaters? Chandelier earrings? Petite dress slacks? What would you like to see featured?*

This is a special edition, with this request from Anna:

Plus-size style for women over 65. Many style blogs are created by older women who tend to be slender. Many are created by plus-size women who are young (or at least youthful) and still have much of the freshness of youth. Advanced Style is gorgeous fun but usually New-Yorkishly over the top. Aging ladies in Middle America need to feel stylishly adventurous, too!

Generally, I want these posts to be short and sweet. Tonight, though, I’m going to throw out a handful of suggestions, and beg you all to contribute resources in the comments. Products? Companies? Blogs? Magazines? Even celebs or movies that showcase stellar plus-sized style for older women? Please, help Anna (and me) out!

I’ll get the ball rolling:

Allen Allen Open Front Slub Knit Cardigan – was $74, now $36.90

I adore drape-front/waterfall cardigans, and this one excites me for several reasons. First off, great price. Secondly, machine washable. Thirdly, that mottled blue has a very denim-y look to it, which means this piece could be a stand-in for a jean jacket through spring and summer. Though, I also love how they’ve styled it here, with that darling striped skirt. Available in 1X – 3X.

AK Anne Klein Tonal Printed Matte Jersey Dress – was $149, now $119.99

This vibrant dress has such great details. Non-binding flutter sleeves, a modest but flattering v-neckline, removable self belt in a matching shade, and a floaty skirt. The knee length and short sleeves may feel a bit young, but hopefully the classic styling will make up for it. This dress would look fabulous with a solid cardigan or wrap! Available in sizes 0X – 3X.

Elementz Long Sleeve Pleated Top – was $44, now $30.99

This top is so fabulously elegant. It’s a bit on the sheer side, so prepare your camisoles, but would look absolutely stellar with straight-leg jeans (try these for only $36.99) or flowy palazzo pants (these at $69). Available in this indigo, coral, black, white, and taupe in sizes 1X – 3X.

Other not-currently-on-sale resources for stylish plus-sized garments for women over 65:

  1. IGIGI – My favorite for plus-sized clothing, though nothing EVER seems to go on sale. Styles are generally either work- or party-appropriate, and there are more dresses than anything else. But the clothes are high-quality, contemporary without being trendy, and most garments are marvelously ageless. (Most, not all)
  2. Eileen Fisher – Eileen’s plus designs are arty, beautifully made, and incredibly flattering. If full price makes you balk, stalk pieces on eBay or at consignment stores.
  3. Nordstrom – Nordstrom shows up a lot in these posts because they really do an amazing job of curating their stock. This department store’s plus offerings are diverse in style and price range, and although there are many edgy options, there are plenty of classics, too.
  4. Jones New York – I adore this brand for quality and classic design, and have loved their plus offerings for years. The JNY homepage has options, Amazon has great prices, and Zappos also carries a selection.

Now, over to you! Can you contribute some ideas for Anna’s search? Gorgeous plus-sized pieces perfect for the 65 and over set? Any resources to share? Please, let us know!

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details.

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24 Responses to “Insomniac Sale Picks SPECIAL EDITION: Plus-size Style for Women Over 65”

  1. Kaitlin

    J. Jill ( has some really beautiful pieces and a variety of sizes. I am 25 and love their clothes, and my grandmother also shops there, so I think because most of the styles are classic and timeless, they’re also ageless. Hope this helps!

    • cherrie

      PS Great styles in the first two pics but I doubt if many older women would want to wear the third style as it suggests pregnancy and their husbands might not be too keen on such a look.

  2. Shaye

    Eloquii is the plus-sized arm of The Limited, and they have some really beautiful clothing that would wear well on the mature set. Eliza Parker does pretty, modest plus size stuff, although it can also get spendy. And don’t discount department stores! Penney’s always has cuter stuff than I think every time I go in, and Macy’s has a plus size section that would cater well to this demographic as long as they stick to their more conservative lines like Alfani and Charter Club. Pretty affordable, too, especially on sale!

    For inspiration, I found this list of plus-sized fashion bloggers over 30. (I’d have preferred over 50 for this project, but I’ll take what I can get.) There are some blogs here I’ve been reading for awhile (like Hems for Her and Surely Sonsy) but a new one to me is Grown and Curvy Woman. Some of this fab blogger’s choices might still be too youthful for over-65 in middle America, but I think a lot of her silhouettes could easily be adapted by choosing darker or more neutral color palettes.

    • Shaye

      Gah, and how could I forget? Dress Barn may sound like a source for square-dancing gear, but their selection is always cute and modern without being too youth-oriented. Much better selection in store than online.

  3. Katha Strophe

    Unfortunately I don’t know of any plus size style bloggers in this age range, I’m sorry! But I would love to read a blog like this. Maybe Anna needs to be the pioneer here?

    I recently discovered that Land’s End offers a plus size range. Some of the items are even on sale right now!
    I loved these dresses and I think they should fit the bill:
    – 3/4-sleeve Cotton Modal Drapeneck Dress
    – sleeveless Tartan Flannel
    – Sleeveless Drapey Ponte Sheath Dress
    There are a lot more items that I consider ageless.

    I hope this helps & that you, Anna, find some amazing clothes that make you feel fabulous!

  4. b.

    CJ Banks, Coldwater Creek, and J Jill are all great stores for mature plus-sized ladies who want to look stylish. I’m 34 and in-between plus and misses sizes, and I enjoy shopping there, too.

  5. Anna

    Having requested this topic only a few days ago, I’m impressed by the speed with which you’ve started it up. Thanks, Sally! I like the images you’ve shown so far, as well as the links (some of which I had not heard of before). It’s still early in my time zone, so I look forward to reading more comments as they arrive. What a fine community this is. Thanks again!

  6. Mrs.M in MI

    I have to second Katha Strophe – I’m a huge Land’s End shopper, and I’ve been so mad at them because all the cutest dresses they are offering this season are only in plus sizes!

    And just because I was flipping through it again last night, check out the book “Dress Your Best” by Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. They do a great job of putting lots of plus-sized models in there and the outfits they suggest are fairly classic – the book was published in 2005 and I’d still wear just about everything in there.

  7. M-C

    Youre recommendations are really good, the last 3 are my staples. I’d add make friends with your Nordstrom staff and you can never go wrong.
    And mostly for special occasion but not entirely, you also have Peggy Lutz who does pretty close to custom work. Something that truly fits you is always going to look better, especially when done in gorgeous fabrics.

  8. Sal

    Thank you ALL for these suggestions, and keep ’em coming! I’ll let Anna know we’ve got more resources for her.

  9. Rebecca - we are large people

    I second eliza parker – really classy, upscale stuff for ladies of elder elegance!

    – has loads of nice items that work better for the more mature (though they can also be youthed-down).
    – reminds me of igigi, but they have better sales.
    – Nic + Zoe (a brand that nordstrom carries, but can also be found at zappos and other places online).
    – I don’t know if anyone has mentioned Talbots but they are pretty much the holy grail of upscale clothing focused on women of a certain age, and they carry plus sizes. They have great sales too!

    • Ursula in Cádiz

      I came on to suggest too!
      I lusted after a classic black lace number I’d seen in a magazine and ever since I finally cracked and ordered it, it´s been my absolute go-to when I want to feel comfy but chic. Their dresses are a proper dress length, excellent quality fabric and cut; mine looks as good as they day it was bought and it´s a wash and wear item. Highly recommend! Also I see Anna says different time zone – if that’s Europe you can get them from in the UK .

  10. Anna

    Thanks again, everyone. Rebecca, I love “ladies of elder elegance.” It’s right up there with the heroine of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, who always describes herself as a “traditionally built woman.”

    Good suggestions all!

  11. Laura

    Does anyone have suggestions for wide calf boots? I know they’re out of season but maybe I could get some good deals (because they’re out of season!).

  12. Sarah

    I don’t have any shops to recommend but in all seriousness, the Queen of England is rocking color and she’s well over 65. Her style is awesome!

  13. Val C-MN


    I agree with the person who suggested that you would be a good blogger to represent this category. I am sure others would be inspired by you and you would have a built-in following and support from this group here.

    As far as resources, I would add QVC, Chico’s, and JCPenney (I also like the suggestions given above.) I am plus-sized and just turned 40 yet I am often a shopping companion to my 67 year old friend Ruth. I have bought us both clothes from those stores (and Coldwater Creek/J Jill) that run from casual to professional to dressy. If you go to the QVC website, look at the fashions of Linea by Louis del Olio, Bob Mackie, Dialogue, Denim & Co., Isaac Mizrahi, Clinton Kelly, Rachel Zoe, and Joan Rivers. Those lines showcase models from XS to 3X. Play the videos accompanying most items and you can see a presentation of that item on the models to get a gauge of how it would fit you.

    JCPenney lines that work well for plus and older fashion are Worthington, ANA, and Sag Harbor. If you are near Coldwater Creek, Chico’s or J Jill, pick up some of their catalogs for “looks”. Each do a great job of showcasing color, textures, dressy, etc., and you will get a good idea to form different looks. Maybe you can copy-cat those images into looks for yourself by shopping your own closet or maybe you just need one new piece of clothing to form a similar outfit.

    If it is a department store, like Nordstrom’s or Macy’s, ask about their personal shoppers. These are often free services and you can learn tricks of shopping from the pros. Those places have Tahari, Anne Kline, and other brands which are well-made and in a vast range of sizes (very classic styles that won’t go out of style).

    If there is a fashion editor in your local newspaper, send this question to them as well. They are often good resources for local boutiques, local consignment shops, trunk shows, and other shopping avenues to fit what you are searching.

  14. Val C-MN

    Forgot to add Susan Graver and Citiknits as 2 additional QVC lines that you should check that use knit, cotton, french jersey, faux leathers, and other fabrications that look great on plus-size and on any age demographic. I, as well as my 67 yr old friend, own quite a bit in both lines.

  15. Amy K

    Cabionline is great!
    Their line only goes up to size 16, but if you check out their blog, cabi canary, one of the past ‘issues’ was fashion through the ages featuring looks through the generations.

    I think, in general, just wearing what makes you feel good makes you look good too.

  16. Ursula in Cádiz

    Adding: Wide calf boots , everyone will tell you about DUOboots, but they’re eye-wateringly expensive. A much cheaper option is and there are always loads of their boots on . I don’t know how long the US Evans site has existed (it’s a British chain) so might not have them in the same quantities.

    • Sal

      Ursula, THANK YOU. I know DUO is great for many, but so spendy. Thanks for this alternative.

  17. Mimi

    I have had really good luck with the ELLE plus size line at Kohls. Most items are online only but the quality and prices are great.

  18. Debbi

    Hi, I am not over 65, but I am over 60 and plus sized. I have a blog She Accessorizes Well that is for over 60, plus-size women–actually for anyone. I don’t think that being plus-sized means you have less style than anyone else nor does being over 60. Please stop by! I just had surgery so I haven’t been doing much posting over the past couple of weeks, but I hope to be back to posting soon.