Insomniac Sale Picks: Swimsuits for Curvy Women

*In this late-night feature – which will run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week – I’ll gather up three fun items that are currently on sale online and share them with you! I would LOVE suggestions: Stylish wide-width pumps? Classic v-necked sweaters? Chandelier earrings? Petite dress slacks? What would you like to see featured?*

Carmen requested a few picks for swimsuits for curvy women, so here we go:

Athleta Solid Siren Bra Cup Bikini Swim Top – was $54, now $24.99

I know bikinis can be daunting, but they’re also far easier to fit than one-piece suits if you’ve got curves and/or a bigger top than bottom. (Or vice versa.) This bikini top is sold out in most smaller size, but still available in this lovely plum color in 38B/36C to 42D/40DD. I’d love it with the Haiku Splash Swim Short though Athleta has more traditional bikini bottoms, too.

Ujena Full Figure Tankini – was $73.50 – $163.50, now $49.00 – $108.00

This tankini offers more coverage, but the swappable options of a two-piece. Available in classic black and apeachy coral. Size 3X fits an E cup, bottom size 3X fits size 20-22. Also in smaller sizes (from size 6/B-cup.) Click through for full size chart and availability.

Enchantment from Tara Grinna – was $76 – $154, now $57 – $115.50

This is actually a collection of 10 coordinating pieces from bikini separates to tankini options and cover-ups. The separates are still a bit spendy even on sale, but utterly adorable and the bikini top is available through 42F, bottoms only to XL but you could certainly nab a solid white or pink bottom elsewhere!

Other not-currently-on-sale resources for swimsuits for curvy women:

  1. Land’s End – Really, REALLY check out the Land’s End swimwear section, friends. They do plus sizes, petites, D-DD-DDD cups, mastectomy suits, and long torso suits. Seriously. Best selection ANYWHERE.
  2. Kiyonna – For gorgeous plus-sized swimwear, look no further. They also stock some suits in sizes 10/12.
  3. Bare Necessites – Gorgeous one- and two-piece suits, many up to an H cup.

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16 Responses to “Insomniac Sale Picks: Swimsuits for Curvy Women”

  1. AnnR

    I find buying bathing suits on sale very difficult. It’s almost a given that your size in one part will be sold out. If you’re serious about a suit that fits in a color/style that flatters I think you need to shop while the selection is good.

  2. Jaclyn

    I second your recommendation for Lands’ End. All my swimsuits are from there, their CANVAS line also has coordinating colors in regular sizes, so they’re a great option for busty slim hipped women like myself.
    They wear like iron, like iron! They don’t sag they don’t lose their shape when wet or washed, they’re thick and always lined. I love all my LE/LEC suits.
    Plus they take away much of the risk of online shopping, I’ve never paid for shipping with them and returns are free via a Sears store.

    • Anneesha

      The Lands End Inlet (Outlet?) stores are great fun to shop swimsuits – there may be a totally random suit in your size(s) for $20!

  3. eva

    These are lovely, alas I wear a 30G which is rather hard to find. Because of some neck issues I’m having, among twenty years of other reasons, I’ve begun considering a breast reduction…

    …but I think about Body Image Warrior Week, and think I should not have surgery, I should work to accept what I have no matter what. If I have surgery, even if it resolves many issues in my life, doesn’t that mean I’ve failed somehow at being a good feminist?

    But then I think again, isn’t allowing myself to make those kind of choices a kind of self-respect in itself? If it allows me to do activities I can’t now, and wear clothes that make me feel more attractive, etc, isn’t that an improvement for my life? What’s the better choice for making myself feel beautiful and whole?

    • K-Line

      Eva: See my comment below for info about suits in your size. There are tons of gorgeous options.

      Also, I hope you are wearing beautiful bras to highlight your great shape. Keep in mind that 30G is not abnormal for breast size in any way. That’s the same cup volume as a 36DD – a rather standard size these days.

      May I suggest that yoga and acupuncture (if you haven’t yet tried them) may assist you with the neck issues you’ve been having. Between gorgeous lingerie and some body work, you will be a veritable healthful goddess!

      Having said that, a breast reduction in no way makes anyone anti-feminist. Body modification – for the full range of reasons – is one’s choice. I’d suggest trying these other things first, if you haven’t already – a good bra can change posture so substantially that back problems may practically abate – but if surgery seems like the right choice for you, then it is!

      PS: I don’t know what your body looks like, but wearing a 30 back size indicates that you have a narrow frame. In the right bra, you can be slender and curvy – and have access to a wide range of clothes that fit. Also, as I’m sure you know, EVERYONE wants to wear styles of clothing that just don’t suit their frame. It’s part of the human condition. So if the reduction is to facilitate better sartorial options, I’d seriously reconsider. I think you can find many great ways to wear tons of styles in your current size.

      • eva

        @K-Line: Thanks for your comments. For my own situation, yes, I’m a tiny person, but I do wear absolutely beautiful, well-fitting lingerie, as I think everyone should. I do find clothes that look quite good on me, it’s not specifically about the sartorial options, as you put it;). And I go to yoga class and do strength training which I also recommend to everyone. I’ve been to PT, and chiro, all of the “conservative” options (which, yes, I recommend for any situation).

        I think it’s good to have these discussions publicly, though. Because we can get a little caught up on both sides–trapped by both cultures into being very self-critical about any choices we make about our bodies.

        • K-Line

          So happy to hear that! I’m on a quest (as a fellow person with proportionately large breasts on a small frame) to ensure we all have the best lingerie options on the planet. Of course, it’s impossible to assess much in a post comment, but I felt compelled to share my perspective in the event that you hadn’t looked into other methodologies to work with the physical challenges that can come from having a very curvy shape.

          I hope that you come to the best decision for yourself and, remember, this is your life and you need to be comfortable and happy. If surgery will make the difference in this matter, don’t take it off the table simply because you worry it may reflect sub optimally on your feminist ways. What makes you a feminist is all on the inside. BTW, nor do I think that surgery would make a statement that you don’t “love yourself”. Doing what’s best for you shows feminism and self-respect in equal measures.

  4. K-Line

    Sal: Often Figleaves and Bravissimo (which sell bathing suits in all bra sizes, even the ones you would never see in a regular high street store i.e. 30G) have terrific sales on excellent looking bikinis, tankinis and one pieces. For women who aren’t in the (relatively) med-large back/med-large cup range, those places are a boon. Lots of women who look for suits are slim with large breasts and they can’t find the suits to give lift and support because support depends on adequate snugness in the band region. Until fairly recently, those women were screwed but now they have tons of options.

  5. pope suburban

    Esther Williams is another good option. Her suits come in a pretty staggering variety of sizes, and I think the vintage aesthetic is adorable and very flattering to everyone. When I have the money and a place to wear a swimsuit, I definitely plan on getting one of hers. I want to look like a movie star!

    • Anonymous

      Just here to second the Esther Williams recommendation. I went many years just not having a swimsuit because I hate shopping for them so much, both now at a size 16-18/36DD and years ago at a size 8-10/36B. Then a few situations came up where one was needed, and a very hourglass-y friend years ago suggested Esther Williams as she’s bought one for her honeymoon…. And wow. This is the best I’ve ever looked in a swimsuit, and that includes 20 year old, fifty pound lighter me. I don’t athletically swim so I don’t know if it would be good for doing laps, but for something to wear while lounging in the sun next to the pool or casual splashing around, I’ve never found anything better. They come in a wide range of sizes, I’m pretty sure they’ll do custom… Soooo flattering.

  6. Trystan (the CorpGoth)

    I totally second the rec for vintage styles! There are a few makers of retro 1940s & 1950s swimsuit styles around, & they usually come in plus sizes. The vintage cuts have more coverage yet they’re super sexy. I have the hot pink Marilyn swimsuit from Pinup Couture & LOVE the heck out of it, plus I get compliments from guys & gals by the pool/beach —

  7. Kate K

    Here here for Lands End! I’ve struggled with purchasing suits in the past because I have a large bust, a long torso and I carry all of my weight in my stomach area. It’s tough to find a suit that flatters all of that. I bought the Women’s Tunic One Piece Slender suit about four years ago and it has been the best purchase I’ve ever made. I get compliments on it every time I wear it (usually involving “You look like a movie star.” Seriously.) and it’s the most comfortable suit in the world. Initially, I was horrified at the idea of buying a pricey suit but it’s held up extremely well and I no longer avoid situations involving swimsuits. (That, to me, is priceless.) And, as someone mentioned above, you can sometimes find the suits at Inlets.

  8. Sal

    THANK YOU ALL for chiming in! Oh my gosh, so excited about the Esther Williams option – those suits are dynamite.

    You people. You just rock.

  9. Dom

    Am I the only one who thinks swimsuits for curvy women should be modeled by… you know… curvy women?

  10. Andra Novac

    Did you know Bandeau Swimsuits
    are not just trendy and charming but flattering? Our preformed bandeau style bathing suits will shape and enhance your bust in a natural and comfortable way. The preformed cups are made of a light and soft foam-like fabric that dries fast and maintains shape during wear. Most bandeau swimsuits have a detachable halter strap for added support.
    Bandeau Swimsuits are very fashionable this summer, easy to style with different cover ups and kaftans and minimize tan lines!