Insomniac Sale Picks: Warm Dressy Sweaters

*In this late-night feature – which will run on Tuesday and Thursday of each week – I’ll gather up three fun items that are currently on sale online and share them with you! I would LOVE suggestions: Stylish wide-width pumps? Classic v-necked sweaters? Chandelier earrings? Petite dress slacks? What would you like to see featured?*

Sue requested a few picks for warm dressy/professional-looking sweaters, so here we go:

cotton funnelneck sweater

Land’s End Cotton Shaker Funnelneck Sweater – was $49, now $34.30
with code COZY and pin 8405

Now I know why Sue made this request: THERE ARE NO COZY SWEATERS LEFT IN THE WORLD. And the warm-looking ones that remain are casual, not dressy. The wool sweaters are thin Merino, the cashmere ones are generally so thin they’re see-through, and many designs either feature open stitching or 3/4 sleeves. Amazingly, cotton sweaters are typically the thickest available, and this Shaker knit funnelneck has nice long sleeves and a high neckline for warmth. Also comes in lilac, eggplant, ivory, tan, black gray, dark green, navy, red, orange, and periwinkle in sizes XS – XL. Size availability varies by color. Also available in petite, plus, and tall sizes.

v neck sweater

Eddie Bauer Cross V-Neck Sweatshirt Sweater – was $70, now $35
use code GREEN for free shipping

I suppose the ribbed trim at the hem gives this garment something in common with sweatshirts, but it’s a cotton/nylon blend sweater-knit. So more sweater than sweatshirt, and in an elegant shape that makes in office-friendly. The deep v may require a cami, or you could always pin or stitch shut. Available in this pretty mulberry as well as red, gray, teal, pale blue, and purple in sizes XS – XXL. Size availability varies by color. Also available in petite, plus, and tall sizes.


Sag Harbor Crew-Neck Cashmerlon Sweater – was $46, now $19.94 – $23

Some people loathe acrylic sweaters and those people should move along because this crew neck is 100% acrylic. I’m of the opinion that natural fibers are typically a better bet, but know acrylic to be easy to care for and warmer than paper-thin Merino. This simple sweater comes in 17 colors in sizes S – XL. Size availability varies by color. Also available in plus sizes, and a v-neck version.

asymmetric sweater

Vince Camuto Asymmetrical Hem Crewneck Sweater – was $99, now $59.50

Although those sleeves look a bit short on the model, they’re listed as full-length. This sweater has an unusual design that’s arty but still work-appropriate, and is made from a cotton acrylic blend. Available in this gray as well as ivory, cornflower, and pistachio green in sizes S- XL. This similar style doesn’t look quite as cozy, but comes in six colors in sizes 1X – 3X.

Sustainable resources for warm dressy/professional-looking sweaters:

  1. Everlane – Chunky knits and doubleknits in sleek, minimalist designs.
  2. Eileen Fisher – Ol’ EF does lots of lightweight knits, but there are warmer options, too, like this luxe cashmere turtleneck.
  3. Fair Indigo – Basics in solid colors and mostly cotton, but some styles like this funnel-neck look super cozy.

Other not-currently-on-sale resources for warm dressy/professional-looking sweaters:

  1. Woolovers – The cashmere blends tend to be a little thin and light, but the wool sweaters are quite warm. This simple wool v-neck comes in 23 colors!
  2. Land’s End – The “drifter” series is thicker than most others so try those first. Unfortunately, LE’s cashmere tends to be quite thin.
  3. L.L. Bean – Merino will likely be thin, but cotton and blends are loftier. This Shaker stitch pullover is a classic.

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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8 Responses to “Insomniac Sale Picks: Warm Dressy Sweaters”

  1. Roberta Johnson

    I can vouch for the Camuto sweater, because I bought it in ivory and wore it to a Christmas party with red pants and jewelry. I hope it washes well because I really like it. I must recommend Talbot’s (again) because they have some very pretty and warm sweaters this year.

  2. Natalie

    Sal, I disagree with you on the thin wool vs. thicker acrylic issue. I find even very thin merino wool sweaters to be warmer than thick acrylic or cotton ones. I tend to commute by bike (even in midwinter), and a little bit of sweat while wearing an acrylic or cotton sweater means that I feel damp and cold for hours after my bike ride. With a wool sweater, however, I’m warm. I know most women aren’t buying their sweaters with a workout in mind, but it’s easy to get damp despite a coat on rainy or snowy days. In my experience, even thin wool outperforms acrylic or cotton in terms of warmth any time, but especially when damp.

    I’d add that Athleta, despite their workout gear focus, often has dressy sweaters. I have found their sweaters to be incredibly soft, cozy, and warm.

    • Sally McGraw

      Thanks for your input, Natalie. It’s true that Merino has better heat retaining properties for situations when you’re getting truly warm, but for a more sedentary day’s activities it really depends on the person. I never reach for my Merino sweaters on cold days when I know I’ll be inside because I have to pile on at least two more layers (under and over) to feel warm enough. But good point that a natural fiber has more true power for warmth!

  3. adorkable

    love ’em! I’ve got a related request: shoes that I can wear to a professional job in winter (ideally that I can wear with socks). I haven’t lived in a climate with a real winter in 10 years and am at a total loss for what to put on my feet.

  4. Lucida Palatino

    Sally, I’m usually pretty impressed by your Insomniac Sale Picks, but this one pretty much stumped you, didn’t it? It is indeed hard to find warm dressy/professional-looking sweaters (particularly if, like me, you need petites and can’t wear wool/cashmere and hate acrylic). I have some thoughts, though, that might help some of your readers.

    1. Although I can’t wear cashmere or wool, I’m sure it’s possible to find nice, warm cashmere or wool sweaters if you’re willing to pay a bit more. See, for example, Garnet Hill:

    2. SCARFS. They are a great way to keep warm AND to dress up an outfit. Silk scarfs are not the warmest; try rayon (looks dressier than cotton) or (if you can stand it touching your neck) cashmere.

    3. UNDERLAYERS. I can’t believe you wrote, “The deep v may require a cami” about a SWEATER, to be worn in the WINTER. You must be one of those people who never gets cold. Anyway, a cami would be better than nothing, but I’d recommend a close-fitting long-sleeved tee that has a lowish crewneck or highish scoop neck. Knit silk is warm and looks nice (at first–my black knit silk tee faded pretty fast). Cotton is probably ok if there’s not much of it showing at the neckline.

    4. OVERLAYERS. Thinner sweaters can be worn under a blazer. Knit blazers are more forgiving of bulk than woven ones, while still capable of being dressy enough for work.

    5. Sweater coats. Some are dressy enough for work (see, for example,, though it’s not on sale), and the extra butt-covering length will keep you warmer. (That one is boiled wool, which should be super-warm!)