Insomniac Sale Picks Will Return Next Week

In the meantime, let me know in the comments if you’ve got an item you’d like featured!

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10 Responses to “Insomniac Sale Picks Will Return Next Week”

  1. Jennifer

    I’ve been looking for a newer, more quality watch. I would need it to be silver-tone and have all the numbers on it (the numbers part is where I’m having trouble, but I need to be able to tell time quickly). I also would love something sustainable and a bit quirky. My current one is silver rectangular with crystals around the face and multi-colored numbers.

  2. marsha_calhoun

    As someone seeking a decent mother-of-the bride dress for a formal wedding, I’d like to see what you can scare up in terms of long dresses that don’t make the wearers look like they are trying to pass for 18 again, or else resigned to complete frumpiness. And black is not an option for me – so many are only available in black.

    • JB

      Congratulations on the wedding! Talbots used to have a special occasion line that had some great mother of the bride options. It doesn’t exist any more, but there are lots of those dresses on eBay if you search. Hope that helps. Good luck!

  3. Courtney L.

    I’m looking for flat or very low-heeled, knee-high boots for wide calves that also come in wide-width shoe sizes. In particular, I’m interested in black, brown (cognac), and/or gray. (Honestly, any options, on sale or not would be great!)

  4. Amy Blankenship

    I’d love to see purses that convert between backpack and some other type. And I’d also like to ask a favor when you’re doing clothing. Please don’t forget those of us under size 6. I know it’s more work, but it kills me when you feature a cute dress or pair of pants and the smallest size is 6!

    • Sally McGraw

      Thanks for the nudge! I do my best to include as many sizes as I possibly can at all times, which I hope is clear. But sometimes a product is perfect for the reader request and just not available in a full size run. Keep in mind, too, that sizes may sell out between the time a post goes live and the time you click through!

  5. JR

    Sally, I’d love to see hats for big heads! “One size fits all” is too small for me.

    • Kirsty

      Me too! I hate being restricted to hats with ‘give’ like beanies and baseball caps. I would love a big floppy straw hat for summer…