Inspired Outfit: Graphic Tee and Flirty Skirt


Luciana of the blog Lu zieht an proves, once again, that graphic tees and full skirts make a dynamite duo. Also love her killer peep-toe pumps, and the fact that they match her bold lipstick. Check her original post for details about this inspired outfit!

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3 Responses to “Inspired Outfit: Graphic Tee and Flirty Skirt”

  1. Ruth Slavid

    Hi Sally, I am afraid I have a little complaint about this post. It is a nice outfit and in particular a nice skirt. I like that skirt shape and often wear it because it suits me. In particular, I often wear it when I am NOT feeling flirty – when I have meetings or am doing something serious. So why does it have to be a ‘flirty’ skirt? Can you imagine a style for men called ‘flirty trousers’? I just think we should remember that while women often dress to look attractive to whoever they want to attract, there is a whole lot more than sexual allure to consider in how we dress – and that we should not oversexualise our dress choices. Here endeth the lecture. Keep up the good work.xx