Inspired Outfit: Pink and Pink


Santina of the blog Style by Santina brings matchy to a whole new wonderful level by nabbing a new pink coat in the same shade as her her bold pink locks. Also love those fantastic cap-toe pumps and the playful proportions of this ensemble. Check her original post for details about this inspired outfit!

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5 Responses to “Inspired Outfit: Pink and Pink”

  1. Jen

    That is fabulous. The quilted coat is lovely. Of all the hair colours I’ve tried, pink is my absolute favourite. It can be a really flattering colour depending on the shade. I would have pink hair always, but my hair doesn’t take dye well and I can’t be bothered with the upkeep.

  2. Londyn

    SO amazing and unique! I adore Kelly Osbourne’s purple hair and this pink is just as hot! Love it (and the clothes!) 🙂

    • romy

      Please bear in mind that some ladies in their 20’s, who were punk in 74-75 … are now + 59 year old women! If I were you I will do it and if anybody ask, I would say “darling I was a punk in the 70’s and life to short to be attached to just 1 color of hair” … Think what Helen Mirren would do? haha or get a wig just for the fun of it! think about it!

      • Bella Q

        I agree with Romy- go ahead and do it Judy- the kids would love to see an older ladies colorfully expressing herself, and I bet you’d rock it nicely!