Inspired Outfit: Red, Leopard, and Subtle Bows


Audrey of the blog Big or Not to Big has combined leather, leopard, a moto jacket, and the color red in this outfit. So many of my favorite things in a single ensemble, and so beautifully assembled! You can’t see it here, but her top has the most fabulous bow detailing in back. Love it. Check her original post for details about this inspired outfit!

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4 Responses to “Inspired Outfit: Red, Leopard, and Subtle Bows”

  1. Brenna

    Wow!!! This is a beautiful combination, Audrey! I love gray and am enjoying the animal print and red with it.

  2. Shawna

    Very cute! She looks effortlessly and yet stylishly put together. As I drink my Sunday morning coffee I’m looking at all the blogs I follow, some of which are just street fashion snaps or models off duty and I’m struck by all the images where the clothes are wearing the women, even when they are professional models. There is a look of trying too hard to be quirky or edgy or mismatched pairings that really don’t work. The best style blogs are always the unique individuals who are sharing their own personal style.