Inspired Outfit: Bold, Beautiful Badassery


Cassie of the blog Style Cassentials has created an outfit so beautifully badass it nearly took my breath away. Arty angles and shapes, all-black palette with a pop of red, simple but bold statement bracelet … all the elements work so well together. Check her original post for details about this inspired outfit, and to read her musings on making peace with her belly.

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5 Responses to “Inspired Outfit: Bold, Beautiful Badassery”

  1. what not

    I love this outfit for all the reasons you do. The first thing I noticed was that this reminds me of the trendy dresses I’ve seen that reveal a sliver of belly so random that it looks weird. Somehow, this top and skirt combo is substantial enough and has enough graphic shape to it that the cut around the belly contrasts well in color and shape. Simply fab.

  2. Lainey Kay

    I have to say, my initial reaction to this outfit was not positive – not having anything to do with the wearer’s body type, but with the fact that I tend to favor a more conservative look and look a bit unfavorably at grown women beyond college-aged in crop tops, micro mini skirts, etc. However, after reading her post and the journey that led her to posting this ensemble on her blog, I was able to take a step back and admire both the outfit’s construction and her courage. Thanks for the reminder to be less judgmental and not impose my own fashion hang-ups on others! You go, Cassie – you really are rocking this look!