Inspired Outfit: The Best Harem Pants Ever Made


Sana of the blog modHijabi has found the world’s most gorgeous pair of harem pants, and she’s styled them with such panache. From the printed silk scarf and classic blouse to those gorgeous spiky heels, she’s an absolute vision from top to tail. Check her original post for details about this inspired outfit! (Really, do. I cropped so you could see her outfit better, but the original photos are absolutely stunning with NYC landmarks in the background.)

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7 Responses to “Inspired Outfit: The Best Harem Pants Ever Made”

  1. Amy

    I love the diversity of women on the blogs that you share. It’s so refreshing to see fashion inspiration coming from women of various races, ages, and body shapes, too. Sana is gorgeous and I really want to get my hands on the hooded wrap cardigan in her most recent post.

  2. asiancajuns Lar

    Such a gorgeous outfit! And I’ve never loved an harem-pants outfit — and this one I do. I love how she paired the dove gray of the pants with that gorgeous scarf with light gray in it as well. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Sal! I’m going to check out Sana’s blog now!
    xoxox, Lar

  3. Ignorant Awareness

    I’m so happy to see a fellow hijabi up on this site! I saw the thumbnail on Facebook, but didn’t want to get too excited about it until I actually saw it up close (& made sure she was, in fact, wearing hijab).

    Thanks soo much for including us all on this site, Sal! =D

  4. Rachel Q

    I love that you featured someone in religiously modest dress. What a lovely blog you’ve introduced me to. Thanks