Just Deserts

Your body gets blamed for its faults and criticized for its shortcomings. Your body gets lambasted for its weaknesses and scorned for its quirks. Your body gets abused and shamed and taken for granted and it all seems so easy, natural, normal.

But your body deserves so much more.

Your body deserves respect.
Acknowledgment for its natural, undeniable beauty.
Praise for its strength and resilience.
Acceptance of its precious uniqueness.
Your body deserves respect.

Who will give it these things, if not you? Who will see your body for the miracle that it is, if not you? Who will nourish your body and tend its needs, if not you? Who will lavish your body with much-needed praise and nurture it with patience and understanding? Who will give your body everything it deserves, if not you?

You first.

Image courtesy Cia de Foto.
P.S. No, I didn’t spell it wrong.

Originally posted 2009-11-09 06:59:00.

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22 Responses to “Just Deserts”

  1. Meli22

    I saw a young woman not too long ago- she was probably 18 or so- and she was a beautiful young girl. One of her legs stopped just above her knee. I don't know if she was in an accident, had diabetes, who knows. But it made me think about all the things we take for granted. My body doesn't have to me a model's to be good or perfect for me. This is my only body, the only one I will ever have, and I need to appriciate it while I have it.

  2. Cupcakes and Cashmere

    this was very powerful and i loved how empowering it was. i think often times women look to others for compliments/admiration when it really should be their own love and affection towards their bodies that means the most.

  3. LPC

    We are given the gift of bodies for a short time. Why show no gratitude and waste time hating them?


    That's right- certainly nobody but us! Powerful & profound words, Sal.
    Lambasted should also be used more often I'd say…

  5. eednic

    i concur with all of this! which explains why i didn't get out of bed this morning to go jogging and instead snuggled with my puppy.

  6. Kelly

    Oh my gosh, that picture is beautiful. I know people get down on having freckles on their back like that, but I LOVE it and wish I had some!

  7. H. Brown

    in my geeky english-loving soul, i just enjoyed learning about the phrase "just deserts"! not that the message isn't a good one. it is. i like the way you list each word on its own line.

  8. Hanako66

    this is so true….you really must love yourself (or make peace with it) and your body to be truly happy.

  9. La Historiadora de Moda

    Exactly! I try very hard not to take my body (for all its imperfections) for granted and to love it for all that it does for me and all of its glory. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Make Do Style

    It's my mind that needs all that now. My body just needs me to get through the next few weeks! It will just have to be a rock

  11. WendyB

    Call me crazy, but I just don't want to THINK of my body that much. Either with love or hate. I just want to keep it in shape and cover it with clothes that look good!

  12. Rebecca

    Thank you. This made me cry and I am not quite sure why. It's been such a long road to care and acceptance of my body and maybe I am crying because of all the young women out there who suffer so needlessly. Thank you, Sal. I will share this everywhere I can.

  13. enc

    Whenever I can remember, I remind the people in my classes (and myself) to be grateful we have working arms and legs. Among other things.

  14. Cecilia

    A good mantra, Sal. I'm trying to think of mine as beautiful and capable of creating miracles, no matter what its shape or composition.

  15. poodletail

    Yes, eednic! Years past, I'd have had beat myself up for not running this beautiful morning. Instead I used the morning to work out a new knitting technique and took a long walk with my dog this afternoon.
    Thanks, Sally, for the reinforcement.

  16. Melissa de la Fuente

    How beautiful Sal…..and so very positive and affirming . Thank you my dear….thank you.