Lauren Greenfield and "Girl Culture"

Several years ago, photographer Lauren Greenfield brought a portion of her “Girl Culture” exhibit to the now-defunct Minneapolis Center for Photography. As you know, I am married to a photographer and I am deeply invested in matters of girl culture … so we went.

I will admit to being the kind of exhibit-viewer who typically examines, evaluates, and moves on. Unless I am curious about a specific aspect of a piece, I seldom read placards and artist statements, preferring to just absorb the visuals. But at this exhibit, I read EVERY WORD. The images were incredibly compelling, but the stories behind them made them all the more moving. Body image, sexuality, identity, strength, fear, sisterhood, betrayal … it was all there, people. All documented, illustrated, and presented with an amazing combination of detachment and tenderness.

Greenfield has since launched another project/book titled “Thin,” which I obviously need to explore. Has anyone else had exposure to her work – writings or photographs?

Here’s more information about Lauren’s current exhibit at Smith College Museum of Art.

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5 Responses to “Lauren Greenfield and "Girl Culture"”

  1. Frantic Home Cook

    As the mom of two girls and some not-so-fond memories of high school, this exhibit resonates with me. Kudos to Lauren Greenfield for bringing attention to these subjects. They need to the subjects of scrutiny.

  2. Vanessa

    I looked at the sample photos from both “Thin” and “Girl Culture,” and I thought they were great. I would definitely be interested in picking up “Thin” at some point.

  3. lisa

    This sounds like an amazing project. I’ll have to check out Lauren’s website later!

  4. Cal

    Yeah! I saw part of her exhibit in Chicago and some of the photos are still imprinted in my head over a year later. Just like you, I read every single caption. Very cool.

  5. Iheartfashion

    I read all of “Thin” when it came out. It was a really interesting work, both the photos and the writing, some of it from the eating disordered girls themselves. Very disturbing, but enlightening.