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Hi all. So the site got hacked this week and I lost several months’ worth of work, including this week’s link post. I have been scrambling to get everything back in place and haven’t had time to try to re-create the links post draft I had waiting for today. So I’ve got nothin’ for ya except a photo of Harriet in a Gudrun Sjödén bag.

bag cat

More links next week.

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17 Responses to “Links …”

  1. Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen

    Oh Sal, I am so sorry. I had a hacking attempt a few months ago and not only is it frustrating, but a blog is one’s home away from home. Good luck, and thanks for the adorable kitteh photo! <3

  2. Lisa Wong

    Yikes, that’s awful. I’d blow a gasket if something happened to mine. Hope everything goes back to normal soon.

  3. Leslie Le

    Oh no!!! I can’t believe someone hacked you!! 🙁 How RUDE.

    But I love the kitty picture. 🙂 And I hope recovery goes quickly!

  4. Melanie

    Harriet will do just fine.
    Your reporting of the hack job is very calm. I’m happy you can take the high road in this but I can imagine the profound disappointment at the loss of your work. Grr. Then again, I don’t know how many drinks? broken objects? strained vocal cords? deep breathing exercises? got you to this state of enlightenment. Whatever it was, it worked. Have a great week.

  5. TheLibrarian28

    So very sorry about the hacking. I would be so incredibly angry. Sending good thoughts your way to get things back up and running!

  6. Barbara West

    Harriet has excellent taste in bags.

    Unlike the person who hacked you, who has no taste, manners, or other redeeming qualities

  7. Clara

    I’m so sorry to hear your blog got hacked! Your work is incredible (I come to your blog a couple of times a day), so I’m sure it will be ok in the end. Looking forward to seeing what new things you write – and if there’s anything we can do as readers, just let us know 🙂

  8. Moody Girl

    I’m sorry that this happened! Good luck and thanks for sweet pic of Harriet!

  9. Zaianya

    So sorry to hear about the blog getting hacked, and the work that was lost 🙁 Impressive that you got things back on track so quickly, though!

  10. walkercreative

    I was wondering what happened because I missed my daily dose of links on Friday. So sad that happened, how crummy. Take care of yourself and your blog. Try to stay warm and healthy through that arctic blast!

  11. crtfly


    I am angry for you! I will never understand why these people don’t use their computer skills to do something productive instead of causing problems for people. However, I believe that what goes around comes around and they will get their payback eventually.

    In the meantime, I am happy to hear that your fall was so great. You certainly deserve it and much more goodness for all that you do for folks.