The Little Things

Most body-love calls to action either focus on the whole, asking you to accept yourself entirely, or emphasize the bigger, weight-influenced limb groups like bellies, butts, and boobs. Broad strokes, big goals. And depending on where you’re at in your personal body image journey, those broad strokes and big goals can feel overwhelming and out of reach. If you’ve achieved body neutrality and want to actively move toward body love, but feel daunted by the prospect of lavishing affection on parts of yourself that you still see in a negative light, consider starting smaller. Give some love to the little things, the details of your body.

Luminous skin, arresting eyes, incomparable hair.

Delicate wrists, nails that grow in long and strong, adorable feet.

Laugh lines, elegant ankles, an aristocratic profile.

Rosy cheeks, enviable eyebrows, a sweeping collarbone.

You might not be ready to adore your hips or praise your thighs, but recognizing and praising the smaller, subtler things about your body can help you build toward that goal. Learning to love your body won’t happen overnight, but practicing will help. Practice on the little things. See what happens.

Image courtesy Stefano Montagner

Originally posted 2015-03-24 06:24:51.

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