Dressed for: The Earrings

Already Pretty outfit featuring Lockhart Wrks Double Dagger Earrings, Faux leather pants, olive green sweater, platform ankle boots, fringe handbag

Sweater – Gap
Pants – NYDJ (mine from last year, on super sale now!)
Ankle boots – courtesy ECCO (no longer available) – similar
Bag – Amazon/DIY (post here) – similar look
Earrings – Large Double Dagger courtesy Lockhart Wrks

Can I just say how much I ADORE Etsy? I have had so many great experiences connecting with vendors and working them on custom projects. And most of them are excited about their crafts and just as generous as they can be. Rebecca of Lockhart Wrks saw my post last week and sent me these amazing Double Dagger earrings as a thank-you. And they are amazing. I built this entire outfit around them and kept it purposely simple to let them shine. They’re quite big, but so lightweight and easy to wear. I’m smitten. It’s true.

I know some of you are Etsy vendors yourselves, and many others have shopped the site. Have you made any lasting connections? I also know Etsy is the most established, but that other online marketplaces connect buyers with artisans. Any other favorites?


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9 Responses to “Dressed for: The Earrings”

  1. Leah

    I love Etsy! my favorite shop is surlyramics – https://www.etsy.com/shop/surly – the artist Amy also writes for Skepchick, which I know you’re also a fan of 🙂 I love her style so much I commissioned her to design two of my tattoos!

  2. Guest

    My favorite Etsy shop is my best friend Shannon’s! She makes these cool wire wrapped stone pieces and some of them double as aromatherapy devices, because you can put essential oils in the clay and it is released by your body heat. Really cool stuff, and unique concept! https://www.etsy.com/shop/Sacredlightenergy

  3. what not

    I’ve been following Origami Customs for a couple years now, and have ordered several items. I’ve liked seeing the owner/designer as she’s moved around the world, sewing all the way.

  4. Cindy Westfall

    Sally, Love those earrings!
    An Etsy shop whose jewelry I love is Bloodmilk. a lot of cast organic objects (bones, bird’s claws, coral) in silver with interesting gems. Also check out Elaine Ho. she doesn’t have an Etsy site, but her gallery page is filled with lovely pieces with an industrial aesthetic.
    a clothing maker on Etsy that I love is Shovava. She makes wonderful scarves printed with ink-drawn, lifelike feathers. I own one and it is fabulous.

  5. KryptoBunny

    Those earrings are just the coolest. I mostly use Etsy to buy craft supplies and vintage stuff (and vintage craft supplies!), but my favorites list is packed with beautiful handmade things I can’t afford. A few favorites for earrings are Jamie Spinello (very strong and geometric with just a touch of goth), Mocahete (soft and organic) and nervoussystem (naturalistic 3D printed jewelry, quite reasonably priced).

  6. Victoria Young

    Sihaya Designs. She started out doing mainly wire-wrapping on semi-precious stones (words cannot express the beauty), but she’s branched out the past few years. Totally awesome body/self-love positive, belly-dancing kitty-momma – LOVE HER (and her hubby’s pretty cool too)