Lovely Links: 10/10/14

Weekly Kitten:


Do you see that little baby kitten tongue? DO YOU SEE IT??!?

Another great peek into a wardrobe transition: Kasmira moved from Cincinnati to Sacramento a while back and discusses the style and lifestyle changes she experienced while making the change to a very new climate.

Psyche looks so sharp in her black and white suit and printed scarf.

I was once obsessed with working towards an identity through clothes; now I’m obsessed with letting them go so I can build myself into something new. And so I am here, going through them, throwing years into trash bags to sell or barter off.”

All of my patterned shoe experiments have ended in failure, yet I’m still mesmerized by the colorful designs of Fanm Mom.

I’m not the only one feeling head-to-toe black these days: Callie is a cool girl extraordinaire in here moto and ankle boots.

Still chronicling her fascinating style journey, Grechen tackles the question “What is minimalism?” I loved how open-ended her conclusions were.

Wow. Chain-link braid. Wow.

Thanks to Amy at RedEye Remix for talking with me on the air last Saturday. Or really Sunday. It was 12:30 a.m. Hear the interview here. I was mostly coherent …

“… we have to consider the politics of feminism with the conscious knowledge of how capitalism intersects with race. When [Chanel] one of the largest luxury brands in the world chooses to co-opt feminist sloganeering without so much as alluding to the historical and contemporary contributions of women of color, they’re contributing to the erasure of those voices.”

Related: The Riveter celebrates a handful of other recent feminist-fashion collisions.

Darlene would like to see less talk about how awful/hilarious it is to be in possession of a large bust, and more talk about how to dress for and feel fabulous about being in possession of a large bust. Her blog is a great place to start.

On the Fox 9 Buzz this week we talked about wearing and balancing high-waisted pants.

 A tour of jewelry organization practices. Both do-able and hilarious options are showcased.

A relatable, enjoyable read: An Open Love Letter to My Hair.

Rejoice! The Nicolette Mason for ModCloth collection is here! 11 fun pieces in sizes XS – 4X.

Like me, Lisa has felt her style shifting and is dressing more for her actual self than her imaginary self. And she looks super classy.

Bleargh. DC Comics has licensed some t-shirt designs that are ridiculously insulting to women.

Lili is retro fabulous in her cropped cardigan and bouffant ‘do.

I’ll be teaching my community ed class on the basics of figure flattery on October 27 – would love to see you there!

More tips for styling your denim skirt in stylish, contemporary ways. (My thoughts on the topic here.)

Maren struts her minimalist stuff in an outfit of bold colors and arty shapes.

And from the Department of Random: “Watching Supernatural with My Sister.” (HM and I are fairly recent converts to this show, but we love it so much we’re re-watching a few seasons leading up to the new ones currently on Netflix.

Additionally: Pigeons Make Funny Hats

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4 Responses to “Lovely Links: 10/10/14”

  1. Zaianya

    I’d heard about the DC shirts a few weeks ago. Their company has a long, troubling history with women–how they’re portrayed, how they’re drawn and written. But in fairness, they have promised to re-examine their licensing policies.