Lovely Links: 10/12/12

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I’ve been wondering if a leopard-print coat would work as a blazer substitute. Yes, it would.

This studded collar blouse DIY looks simple enough … though I’ve been defeated by pronged studs before.

“They tell us that being an athlete isn’t just about athletics – but you also have to be thin; being stylish isn’t just about style, you also have to be thin; you have to be thin to be beautiful; you have to be thin to be sexy; you have to be thin to like your body and on and on and on. At its base, this is about creating clubs that exclude people based on how they look – whether the club is athletes, fashionistas, or just confident people who are happy with their bodies.”

Shen looks absolutely stellar in fuchsia and gold. Oh, that skirt!

Beauty privilege. It’s out there and it’s very real. But if can be challenging to discuss.

If you’re looking for some menswear-inspired looks to try, this post serves up a heaping helping.

“When we speak of modesty strictly in terms of covering our bodies from the sexual gaze of others, we are keeping the level of discourse at the shallow waters of women and girls as bodies alone.”

Rebecca explains why she hangs onto clothes she doesn’t wear often. Or at all. (Via The Beheld.)

Imogen shares some tips and tools for mothers who are concerned about losing their sense of style.

“Think about why people are so insistent that women only take up a very small amount of space. Think about who is making these rules. Think about why we try so hard to follow them.”

See one photographer’s take on how fashion week is portrayed versus how it looks and feels in real life.

This marvelous post ponders fitting in, standing out, and a phrase that pondered alone is fascinating but uttered by another can become the bone-chilling demand, “Who do you think you ARE?”

Want to know which leather conditioner Tod’s and Chanel boutiques use to touch up their wares? Here you go.

Love these 10 tips for dressing in a goth-leaning style for a casual workplace.

Would you participate in All Natural Day?

I’ve been thinking lately about how some styles are deemed “inappropriate” when women of certain body types and sizes or ages wear them, but younger women with socially-sanctioned figures can wear the same styles without a blip. So Lena Dunham’s response to critiques of her recent foray into tap pants made me smile.

And from the Department of Random: The Mad Men cast covers Rick Astley. A little dizzying, but very amusing. (Cheers to HM for this one!)

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5 Responses to “Lovely Links: 10/12/12”

  1. Oh to Be a Muse

    Thank you so much for featuring the studded collar diy from my blog on your link love post today! Hopefully you can try out this pronged stud diy and it will work out well!

  2. sarah

    nice round-up, Sally! As a tall girl, I actually relate to every piece of advice in the “Open Letter to a Fat Girl”; there’s definitely power in visibility and containing women is a way to restrain their power.

    As for all-natural day, that’s me about half the time, wet hair from the shower and all. And yes, I still dress up. Maybe it’s a Northwestern thing? You don’t see as much makeup out here, and it’s certainly not a paradigm shift to leave the house without it.

  3. Chelsea

    The qualms I had with Lena’s abbreviated outfit was not that she was showing off her womanly lower half, but the WAY she did it. I had no idea she was wearing shorts under that blouse. It looked like she rolled out of bed in her nightshirt and showed up at some event. If the inseam on the shorts was slightly longer or if she wasn’t wearing such a blousy top, it might have been a better look, but the way she styled it just looked wrong. (And it would have looked wrong on someone on someone with a slimmer build, too.)