Lovely Links: 10/15/10

Definatalie rounded up photos of nine gorgeous ladies wearing the same Beth Ditto-designed polka dot frock. And damn, do they look AMAZING!

Fabulous tips for anyone curious about getting jeans tailored to fit properly. These are petite-specific, but many could apply to non-petites.

Maxi skirt, off-the-shoulder blouse, and rugged booties. Formula for gorgeousness.

Powerhouse blogger Ashe Mischief interviewed me for a piece on monetizing your blog. Gala Darling, Grechen, and Kristina weigh in, too.

Constance McMillen, a teen lesbian who wanted to go to prom in a tux with her girlfriend on her arm, was instead subjected to dirty looks, a canceled prom and even an invite to an alternative, but fake, prom. Now her story will become a TV movie.

For an amazing array of products that support the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a site called WantACode has gathered up codes that related to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Even better, shoppers can shop anywhere on the WantACode site from 10/15 to 10/17, and WantACode will donate 100% of the profits to Susan G. Komen. They’re calling it The Pink Weekend!
What happens when you begin to notice the injustice of gender-focused advertising and beauty ideals… but your friends don’t?

Hey Twin Cities! ARC’s Value Village is holding a coat drive this weekend. Bring in a gently used coat to dugo in the Galleria in Edina and receive a 20% discount on a beautiful new piece of outerwear. Your gently used coat will be donated to ARC. Donate through Sunday, October 17!

Here are three easy ways to add some fifties flair to your wardrobe.

And for more retro inspiration, check out this recap of eyebrow-grooming trends from decades past.

If you’re loving the leopard print trend but not ready to commit to a sassy dress or coat, College Candy suggests 8 great leopard-printed accessories for under $20 each.

Here’s a roundup and some input on wide-calf boots from a gal who knows her footwear!

Best headline I’ve read in ages, and from the Wall Street Journal, no less: Halloween Doesn’t Fully Explain the Spike in Powdered-Wig Sales.

Some fab advice on how to wear brooches without looking like a Septuagenarian.

Has the TV show “Mad Men” really changed the way we dress?

I generally ignore the press releases that flood my inbox, but for some reason I clicked on one for a company called Carmakoma. And I nearly fell out of my chair. Yes, the goods are spendy, and yes the company’s based in Denmark, but ladies? This might be the most stylish plus-sized line I’ve EVER SEEN.

Some great discussions cropped up over at the new Twin Cities Family Community this week! Today’s topic for my fellow Minnesotans: How are you dressing for this unseasonably warm weather?

And from the Department of Random: This startlingly beautiful poem reminded me to think about death as it relates to life. And that’s a good thing.

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6 Responses to “Lovely Links: 10/15/10”

  1. Charlotte

    I love the second to last link. I am a British girl studying in Duluth, Minnesota, with all my cardigan, jumpers and thick tights ready for winter. Suddenly I'm walking round in vest tops and little dresses thinking "I thought they told me Minnesota was cold?!"
    I aviator jacket is not getting as much love as it should!!

    Charlotte xxx

  2. fleur_delicious

    sigh. I love Mary Oliver. Hardcore. I was once on the street, reading her poems, waiting to meet my boyfriend. A man, a stranger, walked by, glanced.

    "You do not have to be good," he said.
    "You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting," I said.
    We both smiled. "It's my favorite," I said.
    "Mine, too," he said.

    it's an amazing poet that has that kind of power.

  3. RebeccaD

    Every Saturday morning, driving back from the farmer's market (or from playing fetch with the dog), I think "Today is Lovely Links day from Sal." And I am so happy. This week, thank you so much for Mary Oliver.