Lovely Links: 10/19/12

Let’s kick things off with this marvelous video by Karen Walrond (Cheers, Sarah!)

Love this evening-friendly take on a grown-up tulle skirt.

“We are all works in progress, moving along the trajectory of our lives learning from our mistakes and distilling our preferences as we go. And yet, at every point in that process, we are a person who is: whole, thoughtful, intelligent, beautiful, and worthy of a wonderful life.”

Do you think that noses of different sizes and shapes are more accepted now than in recent decades?

Check out these great tips and tricks for storing knitwear and sweaters without damaging them.

Fashion should not cause coronaries. No matter what you wear, you will still weigh the same amount, you will still have the same laugh, the same hips, the same life, you will still be the same person.”

You WILL be jealous of Charlotte’s panda-print blazer. Guaranteed.

Angie offers some tips on how to wear scarves that balance well with your hair, neck, and bustline.

Santina wore this dress just because it matched her hair. Which, for the record, is pink.

In honor of Love Your Body day (this past Wednesday, October 17), Adios Barbie shared five lessons in loving your body.

I will never stop loving boots adorned with tough chains. So fabulously cool.

Oh my gosh how fun. Hourglassy is hosting a busty clothing swap in New York TOMORROW! Register here.

“First, let’s address the idea that Size Acceptance is about justifying fatness. The truth is that it’s about just the opposite. Size Acceptance is a civil rights movement – it’s about the fact that nobody, of any size, needs to justify their body to anyone ever.”

From the fit of the jacket and the funky tights to the fabulous proportions, this outfit is absolutely top-notch.

This extensive post discusses how to select a suit for work, regardless of your budget. It’s incredibly thorough and as a non-suit-wearer I learned a ton!

Lisa shows us that the key to keeping orange and black from appearing too Halloween-y is to add a bit of leopard. And cream. Not coffee cream, silly, cream the color.

This post not only lists the names of about a billion styles of chain, but also explains which ones are most likely to kink or break and why. (Via YLF)

What a fun way to use a scarf as a belt on a solid-colored dress!

“Sometimes I feel like we’d be doing really well if we could get more people to recognize their bodies – and themselves – as the irreplaceable treasures they are, and then we can get to working on loving our bodies after that.”

I feel like I’ve tried to mix hunter green, animal print, and flame orange before and failed miserably. Grown and Curvy Woman shows me how it’s done.

And from the Department of Random: Shalini shares her morning schedule. This woman cracks me up on a regular basis.

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3 Responses to “Lovely Links: 10/19/12”

  1. unmitigated me

    I LOVE the Lovely Links. I can spend hours here on a Saturday morning. I know so many of the amazing women in Karen’s video. She is one of my favorite photographers. Readers may also know her by her blog name, Chookaloonks.