Lovely Links: 10/20/17

Weekly Kitty:

Handsome boy.

Sarah Anne shares six plus size Halloween costume ideas.

Diversity Report: Landmark Gains for Nonwhite, Transgender and Plus-Size Models on the Spring 2018 Runways (However, as the Accidental Icon points out, If You Are in Your 50’s and 60’s You Don’t Wear Clothes According to the Runway.)

Lisa rocks a gorgeous red blouse with a camel skirt and leopard heels. Updated classics all around.

How I Found Body Positivity After Trauma (Discusses abuse)

Apparently, Coach is now Tapestry. Hm.

Mary rounds up her favorite fall trends, including military influence, over-the-knee boots, and faux leather.

I’m obsessing over this men’s skull sweater. Seems like most women’s sweaters are open-necked, lightweight, and utterly useless in a MN winter.

“Though ‘eco fashion’ or ‘sustainable fashion’ has typically been associated with developed markets due to their higher price point, research indicates that emerging market economies actually seem to care more about ethical fashion than their developed market counterparts.”

Dani shows us how to do florals for fall in her stunning floral duster.

So Spanx Arm Tights exist … could be amazing for layering under snug sheath dresses for winter wear. (They’re on Amazon, too, but search for “Spanx Crop Top” instead.)

Bold Blind Beauty describes the process of shopping for shoes when you have impaired eyesight.

Just How Sustainable Is American ‘Ethical’ Fashion Label Everlane Anyway?

Vix takes the statement sleeve trend out for a spin.

“I slowly started to unravel my feelings around the word. No, fat does not mean gross, or slovenly. No, it does not mean dumb, slack jawed, or smelly. Fat was just a descriptive word for my body.”

Cheers to Angie for alerting me to bumps-be-gone hangers!

From Haute Hijab: I Used To Think Feminism & Islam Were Mutually Exclusive – Part I, and Part II

Color maven Joi strikes again, making outfit magic with burgundy, orange, and red.

“Many ‘Ace’ (asexual) women say that their asexuality affects how they express femininity, which often goes against the grain of typical feminine expectations of heteronormative society. A popular reason cited is that traditional feminine expression serves to attract a partner sexually. Since this attention is unwanted, some Ace women choose to not participate in practices like wearing makeup or skimpy clothing.”

Lee styles her minimalist sweater coat in two equally lovely ways.

And from the Department of Random: What the Homes of the Future Will Look Like, According to Kids

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