Lovely Links: 10/21/16

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Harriet is extra cute when she’s sleepy. (First seen on Instagram.)

Bo Ningen’s Taigen Kawabe On Wearing His Mother’s Dress (via Accidental Icon)

Leah talks about her experience being objectified on Tinder as a fat woman. She’s also Muslim, and points out that she is more covered-up in her profile photos than many fellow Tinder users, but that didn’t stop people from being wildly inappropriate in their responses.

Sara tries out two trends I’m curious about: Extra-long sleeves and watches worn over sleeves. Wonder if either will become mainstream …

Angie writes about another that’s got me scratching my head: Short-strap crossbody bags.

Alison somehow looks trendy, classic, and edgy all at once here. Well played, lady.

Busted out my Everlane Waffle Knit Tunic last weekend and was reminded how warm and cozy it is.

“I have come to accept that, on a fundamental level, my identity is not acceptable or desirable to society. It simply isn’t, and that’s okay. If who I am is ugly to society, then I would rather get used to the idea of being ugly than fight my whole life trying to make myself appear beautiful.”

What is a “circular economy” and how does it impact fashion consumption? Eco Warrior Princess explains.

Margot Meanie offers some options for and opens up a discussion about plus size Halloween costumes.

eShakti has been stepping up its design game. Get a load of this asymmetric-tie ruffle blouse in blue plaid.

This ban has since been lifted, but the article is still worth reading: On Burkini Bans and Institutional Racism

Eco-friendly brand Raw Earth Wild Sky is one of my favorites – you can customize hem and sleeve lengths with a pair of scissors! This oversized collar top is right up my alley.

The 6 Biggest Myths About Self-Care

Amber looks smashing in her moleskin shirtdress and leopard-print tall boots!

“I need more skull earrings,” is a straight-up lie. Still coveting this pair.

“Culture shapes identity. Culture shapes behavior. But I cannot accept my glittering washes of rainbow dust all carefully selected, all having brought me a thrilling jolt upon their purchase, as mere patriarchal assimilation. I dig my hands around in the colors and transform. I imagine new ways of being in the world. I reject the insistence that a woman can’t choose what makes her feel beautiful without regard for the judgement of others.”

I know it isn’t even Halloween yet, but this plus sized metallic ombre dress caught my eye as a great option for low-key holiday parties. Made in the U.S., too!

Imogen rounds up 32 ways to tie a scarf.

Yay! Rosie has released a second edition of her book, Beautiful You!

Sheela adds an arty twist to one of my favorite outfit formulas: Graphic tee and skirt. Also adore Jeniese’s take.

“If you value yourself, you don’t hurt other people. And if you value yourself, you don’t hurt yourself. When we don’t value ourselves, we lash out. Sometimes it is outward, sometimes it is inward. The answer to changing all of that always lies within.”

I continue to live in my Lysse faux leather leggings. Seriously, get them used. Get them on sale. Get them in plus sizes. They are comfier than real leather, cheaper than real leather, and as soft as real leather. The bestest.

Kirsten raves about Tread Labs’ orthotic insoles, which come in 4 heights, pointing out that it’s often easier to customize your shoes with an insole than hunt endlessly for a pair that’s perfect out of the box.

And from the Department of Random: Steve the cat and his flock of lambs

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