Lovely Links: 10/2/15

Weekly Kitty:


It’s pretty much her bed. We just borrow it each night.

Alice makes her print mix even more fun with bold, bright colors.

Things black women with natural hair are tired of being told

Angie shares three style attributes that transcend trends, helpful if you worry about looking dated.

Katha shows off a glamorous layered-look dress and beautiful bow-adorned pumps.

He loudly asks me why Indian girls are so hairy. I stare at him, shocked, wanting to disappear. He presses on, telling me all brown girls are unattractive and he’s only ever met one girl hairier than me. He tells me her name, as though I’d know her. I turn around and ignore him until he goes away. The whole class is quiet; no one sticks up for me. I learn what it’s like to hate your skin. Really, really hate it.”

On I offered tips for buying jewelry that looks expensive but doesn’t cost a fortune, and rounded up over-the-knee boots for all sizes and styles.

The Curvy Fashionista highlights some wide-calf over-the-knee boot styles. Also from TCF, 16 places to shop if you’re tall AND plus sized – an oldie but goodie.

15 ways to boost your well-being without focusing on weight

I would steal this outfit right off of Ranti if I could: Black leather peplum top and crow-print maxi skirt? Oh yes.

Wondering how to make the season’s trends wearable and workable? This list of the best trends for women over 40 is actually a great primer on the more accessible looks coming down from the runways that just about anyone might find useful.

And if the idea of age-appropriateness gets your hackles up, this one’s for you.

Deborah’s big gray knit wrap looks marvelously cozy, and perfect on a simple black backdrop.

In my Star Tribune column, I answered reader questions about capsule wardrobes, making jeans work, and crafting a grown-up closet.

“‘On Beauty‘ showcases the work of New York fashion photographer-turned-activist Rick Guidotti, who traded shooting Cindy Crawford for shooting people with a range of visible genetic conditions such as albinism, Marfan syndrome, Down syndrome and dwarfism.”

What makes curly hair curly?

Some of these clothing gadgets made me giggle – like the beverage mitten – but others are simple and brilliant.

A tweed blazer and button-front shirt are made casual and modern when paired with boyfriend jeans.

At TPT Rewire, I wrote about the utterly amazing accessories you’ll see on Phryne if you tune in to Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

How to choose a power outfit

This post offers a fascinating exploration of Nike’s ads and the company’s relationship with feminism.

Tanasha shows us that the secret to keeping an orange and black outfit from looking too Halloween-y is to throw in a bit of gray.

Body hate on the Internet: How to cope

The influence that market has on the next runway designs is immense, if quiet. To think that a fashion editor considers only the art and beauty (and practicality, if you look at those “best of” articles) in selecting what they include in their aspirational print is short sighted.”

20 ways to reuse your old sweaters

Never enough black with gold accents. Never!

On the Fox 9 Buzz I talked about how to fit a blazer.

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6 Responses to “Lovely Links: 10/2/15”

  1. Ginger

    Sally, I LOVED your article on how to pick costume jewelry that doesn’t look cheap! Most of these points were new to me, and they’re all pretty easy to apply. I’ve never even heard of shell pearls. Do you have any tips on how to pick metals that don’t change color within six months? I know they’re out there, but it seems a guessing game. I have a mixed-media statement necklace from JCPenney at least 3 years ago, and it’s never changed. It’s silver-ish and matte, and lightweight so it’s great to wear. Almost feels like aluminum. I have some good earrings that are gold-plated over sterling, and they last quite a long time; but that sort of thing is hard to find in statement necklaces and pieces with rhinestones.

  2. Jess

    Thank you for that link about 15 ways to boost your well being without focusing on your weight. It lead me to a great article on Shadow Comforts, which gave me a lot to think about in my own life. I love how you use your blog to elevate the concept of self care.

    Jess |

  3. Psals

    I’m a brown, hairy, Indian woman. I grew up in India so I thankfully didn’t have to deal with the mean words and stares – all the other girls around me had fuzz on their face, hairy arms and hairy legs. Shaving/waxing wasn’t a thing at all, we just grew up happy and oblivious. Then I came to the US for undergraduate college and realized that shaving/waxing was the norm. And I jumped on that bandwagon quicker than I could blink my eye. 20 years later, 1000s of dollars spent on laser hair removal, and monthly trips to the threading salon, I can finally say I’m glad to not have so much hair on me all the time. It is what it is – some of us learn to accept the hair, some of us figure out how to rid ourselves of it. I think, in the end, so long as we do what makes us feel beautiful, loved, and appreciated … we’re doing just fine.

  4. Rebekah Jaunty

    I giggled at one of the “clothing gadgets” — #9, the underarm pads— because the pad’s stuck directly to the model’s armpit, absorbent cotton side facing out. That can’t be comfortable.

    Thanks for another fun roundup, Sally.

  5. DC Celine

    Sally, so honored that you included words from my Wardrobe Oxygen column in your roundup! Fantastic list of all sorts of good reading. Xo (the other) Alison