Lovely Links: 10/22/10

Naomi Wolf discusses the brutality of female rivalry, but also gives a ray of hope, saying, “Maybe, as women, we are finally becoming secure and self-aware enough to be willing to look at the real darkness behind this dynamic.” Her essay also touches on upcoming film “Black Swan,” which sounds utterly fascinating.

Robin Barcus Slonina is creating a site-specific, interactive “dress” sculpture in each of the fifty states in the USA. (Cheers Cal!)

This 55-year-old woman wears her hair long as an act of rebellion. And gets an earful from just about everyone she encounters for her choice.(Bit odd that she throws “men like long hair” into the mix … but still an interesting read.)

Find out how to layer jackets over dresses. Angie’s got some great tips!

And if you’re looking to create a lean silhouette, here are some rough guidelines for top length and where on your figure your tops should hit.

The U.S. Army has redesigned its uniforms to accommodate female service-members’ bodies. Thoughts?

Purple is a staple of my wardrobe, so I adored these great purple picks, all under $20.

Maureen Dowd discusses the smart/pretty dichotomy, pointing out that Marilyn Monroe was “smart enough to become the most famous Dumb Blonde in history.” (Via Tres Sugar.)

What’s your take on celebrity fashion designers?

I’ll be adding a whole bunch of these eco-fashion blogs to MY reader. (Thanks, RenĂ©e!)

Loved this take on the complexities of fat talk, self-loathing, and health … all inspired by Fat Talk Free Week.

Furthermore, I adored reading Sui’s thoughts on why “you’ve lost weight” should never be considered a compliment. (We even used images from the same photographer in our mirrored posts.)

Meet my new girl-crush: Stephanie from Le Blog de Big Beauty. I can only DREAM of being so mesmerizingly elegant …

If you’re still struggling to pull together your Halloween costume, may I direct you to ARC’s Value Village? It is THE BEST place to find funky, spooky costume fixin’s, and with their Halloween Boo-tique, they’ve got all the funk in one place. Plus recycled costumes are good for Mama Earth!

Speaking of spooky, not only was Joelle’s spectacular outfit inspired by The Hunger Games, but it involves a beaded vest. As in a vest made almost entirely of beads. Swoon.

Rumors are circulating that Christina Hendricks has been pressured into dieting. This impassioned post examines how Hollywood’s obsession with weight and body shapes – especially among actresses – creates a vicious vortex of scrutiny and critique.

This week on BlogFrog’s Twin Cities Family Community, we chatted about great tights. Which brands last, have the best selection, are most cost effective.

ALL women are ‘real’ women. Even women with eating disorders or illnesses or glandular problems or fast metabolisms or depression or anything else than can change the shapes and sizes of our bodies in either direction.” (Via Nubby Twiglet)

Futurelint wears four belts at once and makes it look dyn-o-mite.

And from the Department of Random: Just because it’s been stuck in my head since I saw “The Social Network” last weekend …

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5 Responses to “Lovely Links: 10/22/10”

  1. Magatha-May

    Great selection of links this week Sal, kept me entertained for ages. Thanks.

  2. IrishRedRose

    Re: the middle aged longhair article…love it! my hair is often shoulder length and/or below–last year it was down to the middle of my back, and I'm 44. I don't plan on chopping it ever. Hey, if it worked for the Victorians…lol. But, what is wrong or weird with the "men like it part"? I don't understand. I thought that was funny and quirky. Besides, I suspect it's true. Now that I ponder this question, I can't think of a single guy that I've ever known who didn't tell me at some point how much he loved long hair on women. Interesting. Anyway, as a straight gal who loves long hair and (still) appreciates occasional flattering attention from the menfolk, I'm glad they agree with me on this issue. I mean, if they didn't it'd be tough noogies for them. đŸ˜‰

  3. christine

    Love the Friday links. Thanks for sharing. I'm digging the four belts outfit and wishing I had that many belts and that the belts I do have were cool.

    I wore the ACUs for year while deployed to Afghanistan. It was a comfortable uniform, but for me there was an excess of material around the shoulders because I had to go up a size in my top to accomodate the girls. I'm glad for the changes and hope it helps.

    I'm in the Navy and our uniforms are the worst. Seriously, the trousers and skirts the Navy makes for women are a joke. It's like some over weight guy somewhere designed them and tried them on himself and said, "Yeah, these'll work." Glad they're talking with Ralph Lauren about the shapes of a woman's body.

    Love, love your blog.

  4. Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP

    Thanks for the link Sal – lots of great reading to be had here!