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Harriet is FASCINATED by the printer. As soon as it starts to whir and hum, she comes streaking into the office, jumps on my desk, and stares up at it. Last weekend, she finally attempted to get a closer look. (First seen on Instagram)

“Everyone told me — my family, my school, my church. When I got older, magazines and salesgirls and boyfriends (told me), even if they didn’t say so out loud. The world’s been telling me for 75 years that my body is bad. First for being female, then for being fat and then for being sick.” (This is a narrative about illness and death, and may be upsetting)

The fabulous gals at Rhodesian of Edinburgh are now selling a truly stunning messenger bag. Three gorgeous colors, and I want one of each.

The Dear Kate lingerie line is getting lots of love from plus sized fashion bloggers. They carry regular sizes, too!

I truly do NOT need another pair of tall black boots, but this moto/cowgirl hybrid from Born is calling to me nonetheless.

Kelly’s before and after alterations posts are always great, showing exactly how much a skilled tailor can do to change a garment.

This post explores why calling “How to Get Away with Murder” star, Oscar nominee, and all-around powerhouse Viola Davis “less classically beautiful” reinforces colorism.

Vaguely related: Mindy Kaling is constantly being asked to talk about being a Hollywood outsider because she isn’t tall, thin, and white. And she is starting to push back against that, saying she’d rather focus on keeping her show going than being some sort of industry pioneer due to her other-ness.

Despite my shift to neutral clothes, I’m still a sucker for multicolored scarves and these ones from Blazon are gorgeous.

Locals! Maiden Minnesota is coming up, and I can’t wait to go. I’ve also donated a personal shopping trip to the silent auction!

Angie explains the difference between wardrobe essentials and wardrobe basics, and lists out her current essentials.

Loved this interview with one of the “Advanced Style” movie stars Tziporah Salamon.

Green, black, and gray are such a chic combination, and an unexpected grouping.

Women in their sixth and seventh decades are enjoying the peace of mind and self-assurance that comes with growing older, but we are not sharing this. We should stick our noses over the barricades, stop being quite so prickly and defensive, and pirouette out to show the next generation that it’s all going to be just fine. And maybe take a selfie or two while we’re at it.”

On catcalling, personal space, respect, and more: Thank you so much for telling me I’m pretty.

A bold, beautiful all-white outfit.

Favorite badass outfit of the week: Callie in an oversized shirt, biker jacket, and pencil skirt. Her post also contains a great reminder that plus-sized women shouldn’t feel obliged to curve-flattering, shape-highlighting clothes every minute of every day. To which I say WORD.

Some of these won’t resonate with you, but I’m betting at least a few will: 50 simple ways to express self-love.

Unspeakably talented actress Frances McDormand speaks out against ageism. Love her even more now.

Imogen is doing a really eye-opening series on color undertones with great visuals: How to Pick Colour Undertones, The Undertones of Colours, How to Pick the Undertone of a Colour

This railroad spike bracelet has been on my wishlist for years. I should just bite the bullet already …

A great reminder of how important it is to allow yourself pleasures and failures as part of self-care.

“Recently, I’ve actually been single and that’s been one of the most liberating aspects of my journey. It’s meant not identifying my presentation with the needs or expectations of my romantic partner. It’s amazing to wake up in the morning and decide whether I feel like wearing men’s briefs or frilly lingerie and not worry about whether it will enforce or detract from my partner’s ideals about their own gender expression.”

Katha’s buffalo plaid dress and knit hat are so perfect together.

My latest Huffington Post piece is a reminder that if you want to, you should totally chop off all your hair.

It took years, but Ragini finally felt ready to ignore the chorus of voices telling her she was too fat to swim.

Loving Lisa’s leather sleeves. (If only I could find a word for sleeves that begins with L …)

As part of The Beauty Project series, director Kathryn Ferguson filmed five women, all over age 80, on the subject of beauty. (Via Not Dead Yet Style)

“Body shape trends that have gone viral on social media, like the thigh gap, have the power to influence the body image of young women globally.”

And from the Department of Random: According to scientists, sex was invented in Scotland.

Additionally: All of the “dudes” in “The Big Lebowski.” (Includes Walter swearing, of course.)

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6 Responses to “Lovely Links: 10/24/14”

  1. what not

    Re illness and the body: Throughout my chronic illness, it’s been hard to stay away from negative body talk. Even though I consciously changed my own vocabulary, well-meaning loved ones still say things like “man, your body sucks.” The context is supportive (and I do love these people), but you know what? F**k that noise. My body is doing its absolute best, and thinking deeply about that idea makes me tear up in compassion and gratitude. All of our bodies–female and male, old and young, healthy and sick, whether we take care of them or not–they’re all doing their best, and they deserve not scorn but thanks.

  2. Courtney Landes

    “Favorite badass outfit of the week” my favorite badass outfit (pretty much of all time) is the ensemble that Rene Russo is wearing in The Thomas Crown Affair when she searches Crown’s house and finds the decoy painting. I can’t find a good full-length picture of it, but it’s a long body-hugging black skirt with a slit, a black turtleneck, tall black boots with a chunky heel and moto details, a leather moto jacket, and black sunglasses. Oh, and a folding knife that doubles a brass knuckles, but I don’t think that part is quite my style. 🙂

  3. fashionforgiants

    Love Callie’s outfit and her post. I have been veering away from “figure flattering” looks myself lately because even though I’m curvy, I don’t always want to have to prove it!

  4. Patti_NotDeadYetStyle

    Gah, I love The Big Lebowski. Thanks so much for the link, Sally, and for all the good reads here. xo

  5. Ruth Slavid

    I just read your piece about cutting off your hair. It resonated with me but for the opposite reason. I have almost always had short hair because that was what everybody around me wanted. The first time I tried to grow it was when I was seven or eight. My mother obviously hated it because it wasn’t manageable – ie it needed brushing, took longer to dry etc. (my memory of children’s parties was that I always went to them with wet hair – hairwash just before I went). Then I grew it as a teen but cut it off just before I went to university – my choice. I grew it again in my 30s because I longed to have a long plait going down my back. My partner definitely loved me with short hair but was nice enough never to suggest I cut it – he was just really complimentary when finally I did. When I was about 50 I had the embarrassment of visiting my parents both in their 80s and my mum said ‘oh look, we all have the same hairstyle’. Not encouraging. Now I keep it short because it is pepper and salt and I feel the only way to wear it if I not going to dye it – and I don’t want to for a mix of honesty, time-saving and money-saving reasons – is to go short. But once it is properly grey – who knows? My hair is evidently meant to be short – even I can tell from photos – but it is good to cut yourself a little slack. Mind you, if I do grow it, I may have to buy a hairbrush, or even a comb…