Lovely Links: 10/25/13

Registration is open for community ed classes! My Dressing Your Best class will take place on November 4 in Cottage Grove and November 13 in Champlin.

Twin Cities folks, you can support local women artists and artisans by attending Maiden Minnesota on November 1! Some of my favorite local fashion folks will be exhibiting including Realia by JenSBG DesignsKokoon, and many more. I’ll be there for sure.

I’m thrilled to report that I’ll be on the Fox 9 Morning Show every Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.! Catch this week’s segment on the military trend right here.

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Here’s how people in 1939 thought we’d be dressing in the year 2000. Those cantilever heels look very Miu Miu to me. (Thanks, Eileen!)

Looking to point your daughters toward some real-life role-models? Here are seven books about inspiring women and their achievements.

Cyn is now in possession of the most fabulous jumpsuit ever. Featuring pockets. And polka dots.

Here’s the story of how a style blogger was forced to become a minimalist. And how she’s learned to loved the pared-down lifestyle.

Finally added boards for petite finds and tall gal style over on Pinterest. And about time!

Amanda Palmer offers a response to Sinead’s response to Miley’s … well, everything. I feel like the first comment on this post sums it all up brilliantly: Controversial and upsetting, but not a simple issue.

“The natural hair crusaders are everywhere I go; there is no escape especially when your afro acts like the Bat signal for them. When I become engaged in a conversation with one, I am usually pressured to talk down about women who buy their hair or who put chemicals in it, as if we were our own elite group. I am not down with this new found internalized class system. I didn’t cut off my relaxed hair for liberation—I was simply bored with my hair style and needed a change.”

Readers who utilize mobility aids, here’s a great post on finding a chic and stylish cane.

Nothing like a cozy red plaid jacket to make it feel like fall.

Check out this powerful campaign to raise awareness about gender inequality from the arm of the United Nations dedicated to empowering women. It’s based on common Google searches, and more than a little unsettling.

Yen shows off an amazing vintage frock – with sleeves! – and a new asymmetric ‘do.

The academically focused blog Worn Through does periodic roundups of papers on fashion-related topics, and this week they’ve gathered up a few on fashion and body image, including the influence of BMI, impact of plastic surgery, and a paper on how measures of body image might not accurately reflect the experiences of African-American women.

Proof that it’s warm and summery somewhere: This gorgeous ensemble featuring a flippy printed skirt and white cropped top.

A great reminder about the ubiquity of abelist language from Thought Catalog, calling itself out on many recent articles.

Verily Magazine has a strict no-Photoshop policy. They even use non-models as models for their fashion shoots. I have just subscribed.

Katrina’s studded-heel black leather platform sandals are making me drool. So perfect for a night on the town.

Yet another important reason to love your body.

Self-confessed style and fashion lover Nadia Eghbal just wrapped up an experiment in which she wore the same outfit every day for a full year. Read her reasons and insights here.

Got a minute to spare and curly hair? Here’s a tutorial for a gorgeous braided bun.

Join this fun discussion about what it means for nails to be “vampy.”

White coat with black lapels = bold graphic goodness.

By now, most of you have likely seen the Maria Kang “what’s your excuse” meme that’s been floating around. Here’s an insightful response that includes musings on the intent, underlying messages, and backlash. Author Erin says, “The trouble is, you can’t look like Maria Kang. Maria Kang looks like Maria Kang. Her body is a complex result of whatever she does with her body and her genetics.” (Cheers, Audi.)

Dame Viv has cooked up a revolutionary scarf and collaboration with Cambridge Satchel for the season.

Holy moly, this layered peplum dress is smashing. And I love how Grown and Curvy Woman has styled it!

Have you found the right mix of patterns and solids in your own wardrobe?

Tanasha highlights the brand Lauryn Elz, which produces gorgeous heels and flats up to size 13.

This DIY neon and quartz necklace is officially added to my craft project list.

Remember Shalini, whose style was heavily influenced by 90s song lyrics? Well, she just released her first novel! Check it out, snap it up.

Behold the power of “I’m sorry, what did you say?” as a means of disarming catcallers, jerks, and racists.

Maricel is still rocking her Thirty Pretty Projects posting spree, this week with a little daytime sparkle.

Elle featured the phenomenally talented Melissa McCarthy on the cover of their Women in Hollywood issue, which is great … but as has been the case in the past, they chose to cover her figure to the point of masking it. Baby steps in the direction of inclusion, but still a little disappointing.

I’ve been trying to incorporate more size diversity into my Insomniac Sale Picks, so if you haven’t popped by lately, take a look!

And from the Department of Random: Free, downloadable, fair use vintage posters that you can print and hang. WOO!

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7 Responses to “Lovely Links: 10/25/13”

  1. A.B.

    I do appreciate Amanda Palmer’s take on the situation but I have issues liking what she does now that I have seen how she reacts when faced with her own privilege (which is a lot, truthfully).

  2. shebolt

    I haven’t even made it past the clothing predictions from 1939. That was hilarious!

  3. Chrissy

    Melissa McCarthy chose the clothes she wore for the cover photo. It was her decision. She’s talked about that in a number of interviews.

    • Heather

      Agreed! She chose the coat because she LOVED it. If it makes her feel beautiful, than it’s the best cover shot they could have for her!

  4. Annabeth

    I think the Melissa McCarthy cover is beautiful and amazing. Yes, she should be treated the same as other actresses – but the answer is not to objectify and/or photoshop the crap out of her the way every other actress is. Instead other actresses should get stunning, fashionable cover images like this that are more about glamour and a striking presence than how thin they’ve been able to starve themselves to be.