Lovely Links: 10/26/12

Twin Cities residents, I’ll be at the Edina Galleria EILEEN FISHER store on Saturday, November 10! Join me from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. when I’ll be reading from my book, talking about adapting trends for your body type, and offering personal wardrobing advice.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be speaking on a panel at Giant Steps, a conference for creative entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial creatives. The conference is in its third year, and has a reputation for being an incredible resource for artists and businesspeople. Other speakers include Dara Moskowitz-Grumdahl, Maren Kloppmann, and Jessy Greene among many others. It’s on November 16 at the Guthrie Theater, and you can register right here.

Just this week, I joined Pose, a visual inspiration site that focuses on style and fashion. Anyone else on there? Let’s connect up!

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A bold floral and gathered-hem dress make for a dynamite combination.

Following up on her post that discusses dealing with negative body comments, health counsellor Golda Poretsky offers some tips for reacting to positive comments about your body.

Gracey, thrifter extraordinaire, styles a challenging 80s-era top with perfect ease.

“On the surface, what I was doing was matching my styling to that of my various partners. But you don’t have to actually dress alike in order to do what I was actually doing: absorbing responsibility for the public image of our’team.'”

Watch Lilli break four – count ’em four – style “rules” in a single, fabulous outfit.

A British cosmetics company has created ads designed to convince Chinese women that they’re too hairy. The results? Higher sales of hair removal creme. (See what I’m saying about manufactured discontent? Thanks to Tina for this link.)

I’m not much for romantic jewelry, but my GOODNESS these necklaces are gorgeous.

A new study examines the possibility that genetics might influence the extent to which someone identifies with the ideal of thinness and attractiveness in our culture. (Cheers, Q.)

“… once you start stripping away the outer layers of the topic you may be surprised at the complexity underneath and how lingerie, frequently blamed for over-sexualizing women, is also an arena for two of the most classic of all feminist tenets, equality and the right to choose.”

This astute post examines how dressing to camouflage your shape can sometimes backfire.

Black may have a habit of sucking the life out of other colors, but blazing hot pink can hold its own!

In the market for a new coat? Imogen shares tips for finding a flattering length.

NUNC by MoAnA has an overly complex name, but a great concept: Purchase a set that includes three footbed/heel combinations and a series of straps. Make your own shoes. Amazing.

This excerpt from Airbrushed Nation: The Lure and Loathing of Women’s Magazines is compelling to say the least.

Both men and women can buy Tootsie Roll, skunk, and Tin Man costumes … but one of those genders gets a lot more body coverage. (Borderline NSFW.)

Get a sneak preview of Banana Republic’s upcoming Anna Karenina collection from The Budget Babe.

“Maybe instead of blaming my body, I can see that I’m here to learn a lesson about self-trust and self-care. And to share that with others.”

Over at the StarTribune, I whipped up an article on the basics of print and pattern mixing.

Designer Carrie Hammer makes this funky newsprint skirt in sizes 0 – 20, with more custom options available upon request.

And from the Department of Random: Let’s have breakfast together. Bring your tiny mug.

Additionally: Cat Bounce. (Via Nubby)

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7 Responses to “Lovely Links: 10/26/12”

  1. Anna

    Thanks for the shout-out — and the always fabulous links to check out! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Laura

    Definitely going to share that Chinese hair-removal-product link. But first I’m going to make cats bounce for another hour or two.

  3. STL Mom

    Cat at breakfast: adorable.
    Cat bounce: disturbing! I kept expecting a big Monty Python foot to squash them all.

  4. shebolt

    Wow. The link to the Halloween costumes made me cringe. I already read the entire original blog. Makes me glad I make my own costumes.

    • Trish


      I love the generosity demonstrated by the diversity of your links. You must do an incredible amount of research. I always find something inspiring or new to consider.
      P.S. I love Frocks & Frou Frou.