Lovely Links: 10/27/17

Weekly Kitty:

Harriet McGraw, Bag and Box Inspector, on the job.

What impact does it have on designers mental health to create a whole new body of work every six months, but also make it commercially viable and is there a new way to work? i-D magazine explores this question.

Courtney is all fall in her plaid dress and letterman’s jacket.

I’m compiling my Amazon faves – including some sustainable clothes, my trusted hair care products, covetable bags, and accessories – on this page. Slowly but surely …

Two plus size bloggers talk about the continuing taboo of stretch marks.

Related: Have you seen stretch mark tattoos? I kinda love them.

As my hair continues to shift, so does my product regimen. Just started using the Deva Curl Frizz-free Foam (like a mousse) and it is utterly amazing. Stellar volume, soft hold, gorgeous curls.

“Fashion brands and industry groups have been eyeing one solution: technology that would allow us to recycle textiles infinitely, turning old clothes into new ones again and again. But a new report from Greenpeace contends that these efforts are nowhere near being viable yet. What’s first required, according to the environmental advocacy group, is for consumers to embrace ‘true materialism.’

Amanda teams her metallic ankle boots with leggings and a tunic.

Speaking of tunics, tunic/leggings/boots season is upon us! And I’m thrilled to have found this affordable, made in the U.S. style that comes in dozens of colors.

“But more importantly, wearing provocative clothing — complete with my Hijab — allows me to reclaim my agency in any public transaction of non-verbal communication I would have otherwise been subjected to without consent.”

Corissa rounds up her favorite plus sized velvet pieces. Velvet is a huge trend this season!

Speaking of velvet, Hallie looks lovely in her black velvet blazer.

How I Learned to be Naked: Listening to My Body and Healing Body Shame

People with disabilities are often treated as if our bodies are not our own. This begins very early for those of us born with a disability, as we have to go through medical procedures we cannot consent to and may not fully understand. We are told that others know what is best for our bodies, and we have little choice about who touches us and how. Even though decisions about our bodies are usually being made with our best interests (or others’ perception of them) at heart, this loss of bodily autonomy can have a long-term impact on self-esteem and relationships.” (Discusses emotional and physical abuse.)

Not into costumes? Try a super stylish orange-and-black outfit like this one instead.

I was a little surprised to see heritage brand Saddleback Leather selling on Amazon … but great news for Prime members!

10 Plus-Size Babes Who Use Fashion To Make Social Change

Ranti wears head-to-toe marigold, another hot fall trend. Also love Kristine’s fun marigold skirt.

Expert resellers share their tips for making money on sites like Poshmark and Depop.

“I have spent more time, money, and energy on skin products than I care to admit. Like former dieters and calorie counters, I know the difference between cream cleansers and foam cleansers, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid … I don’t think I have gotten more comfortable with my skin, I have just gotten better at caring less – at pushing on the bruised spot and trying to learn from that discomfort.”

Lusting after these reverse snake hoop earrings from Alexis Bittar.

Thinking of changing up your hairstyle? Great! But first, ask yourself these questions.

Allison mixes fall classics (plaid, denim) with trendy new pieces like camo-printed oxfords.

And from the Department of Random: Why Do Ghosts Say ‘Boo’?

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