Lovely Links: 10/31/14

Happy Halloween! Here’s one of my favorite late fall, rustling leaves, early darkness songs:

Weekly Kitten


There is a compartment in HM’s camera bag that is perfectly Harriet-sized.

Some fun tips in this post about how to tuck, tie, roll and twist your clothes like a stylist.

Layers of plaid and windowpane with red accents make this outfit eye-catching. Also love this sheer windowpane dress with tough accents.

“Technicolor hair is mainstream now, but back then, it was reserved for freaks and weirdoes. Dyeing my hair pink felt like claiming the label my classmates had given me for my own. I was done trying to change the strangeness that made other kids hate me. Now I was embracing it.” (Discusses self-harm)

Great reminders about the complexities and impact of fat talk, and suggestions for re-routing those thoughts and conversations.

I love the look of split-back tops, but loathe the fussiness. Style Crone found one with a built-in contrasting insert that looks phenomenal on her.

I’m a proud Capricorn, and swooning over these super subtle zodiac rings and necklaces.

“So while the man mentioned in the first paragraph may feel as though he’s doing a good thing by sharing his appreciation for the way women look when they are out for a run – and some women might actually appreciate that too – for me personally, I’d rather not hear it. I’m not out there to look pretty. I’m out there to run.”

E. is all about the cozy knits these days, and I’m right there with her.

At long last, Gap has some high rise skinnies on offer. And they come in three inseam lengths as well as tall and petite cuts. Hoping to try these soon and will report back.

Chastity gives her thoughts on the Kelly Osbourne for HSN line.

The implication is that dressing in a more conventionally feminine way is somehow more frivolous, and can undermine perceptions of a woman’s intellectual and professional skills. Dressing in order to be taken seriously indicates that the spectre of older, more explicit forms of sexism still hovers over us: a woman who adopts a more feminine style is too preoccupied with pretty things to be a serious academic, because a woman can’t be both attractive and intelligent – if indeed she can be intelligent at all.”

What’s the difference between a tint and a tone? Learn more about color terminology right here.

I love everything about this outfit of cognac leather, stripes, and distressed denim. Well played. Jean.

“Sometimes I say chubby or curvy but today I’m going to say it. Fat. There are so many assumptions that come with that word, or when people see fat bodies. That you don’t take care of yourself. That you don’t love yourself. That you are ashamed. That you are not healthy. That fact doesn’t mean that I don’t love myself, that I don’t take care of my body or that I am not worthy. You see, I’m slowly learning how to not be ashamed of it. I’ve spent 15 years of my life bullying myself in the mirror and I’m done. I’m not playing that game anymore.”

Such a fantastic interview with Mode-sty founder, Zahra Aljabri.

I’ve purposely avoided most of the media storm that arose when Renee Z was photographed after drastic plastic surgery, but found LPC’s musings on ageism, beauty obsession, and the need to be recognized compelling.

The sassy asymmetric closure on Jyoti’s sunshine yellow coat makes it even cuter.

Break in case of fabulous.

I made it my fall mission to track down a fabulous metallic leather handbag. This one from Boden turned out to be far too shiny and cheap looking. This Vince Camuto one, however, is perfect – a little weathered, slightly metallic, and wonderfully roomy. (It was 50% off on 6pm when I bought it … fingers crossed it still is by today!)

17 promises to make to your body today. I’m especially fond of #3.

Burgundy and black is such a sleek, chic pairing, especially when there’s a little bit of leather involved. Though black and gold is pretty rockin’, too.

Never forget that you absolutely can wear sleeveless clothes regardless of your size, shape, age, or anything at all.

“I have a feeling that without Rei Kawakubo’s clothes, it would have taken a much longer time to realize I was queer. I identify with her designs because she queers fashion by destabilizing the meaning of clothes and creating her own ideas of what they stand for. I queer sexuality through my incapacity for picking one gender to be attracted to, or assign to myself. Kawakubo’s clothes made me feel brave enough to accept the parts of myself I otherwise thought were too strange to explore.”

Stasia is working on an extensive exploration of body proportions over on Thrift Me Pretty. Parts one and two both have some truly useful tips.

Completely agree that color can be an important element of flattery, but what matters most is how colors make you feel. Black is tough on most complexions, but if you love it, by all means wear it!

And from the Department of Random: A serenade.

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2 Responses to “Lovely Links: 10/31/14”

  1. Stasia

    Hey Sally!! Thanks for the shout-out! You drove a whole bunch of traffic to my site. Thank you!! And I LOVE the link to all the tips and tricks for tucking, rolling, twisting and tying! I’ve got a J.Crew half-tuck blog post in the cue 🙂 People are always asking me about it! xo Stasia

  2. Lisa

    Somehow I am only just seeing this. But thank you, as always, for everything!