Lovely Links: 10/6/17

Weekly Kitty:

She loves getting her armpits scratched.

A funky sweatshirt and printed pencil skirt look so fresh with sassy sneakers.

Feminist Freedom Warriors is a new digital video archive documenting cross-generational conversations about justice, politics, and hope with feminist scholar-activists. Expect cross-generational histories of feminist activism that addresses economic, anti-racist, social justice, and anti-capitalist issues across borders. (Via The Ladies Finger)

Layering genius: Melanie puts a popped-collar button-front underneath an off-shoulder blouse.

Kelly offers tips for how to shop plus size clothes on eBay.

My scarf collection got a little musty-smelling over the summer, so I’ve been putting my scarves through a Dryel cycle in batches. Freshens them right up!

“I don’t want my children to hear ‘beauty comes in every size.’ I want them to hear that ‘beautiful is the least of all the things you can be in this life.’ I don’t want to fight to be seen as beautiful. I want to fight for beauty to come last on the list of things that I am.”

Steph layers a long topper over a drop-waist dress. Love the results.

A satisfyingly comprehensive piece: How to Take Care of Your Clothes

Melanie is now my tie-wearing inspiration.

The Hourglassy team discusses the politics of breast reduction surgeries among female athletes – specifically pro tennis players – and the messages they send, emphasizing the importance of choice but also teasing out the repercussions.

How to Befriend Your Feelings (focuses on body image)

This Glamglow cleanser remains a favorite after years of use. I get a little lazy about it sometimes because it feels so messy to smear mud on my face, but dang, it leaves my skin SO soft and moisturized.

This post from local jewelry designer Karin Jacobson shows how she makes a spectacular cuff bracelet, step by step.

A tip worth touting: Check fiber content and care instructions before buying ANYTHING.

Amanda nudges us to remember that how someone looks tells you virtually nothing about them.

No one does a sleek, collarless jacket quite like Eileen Fisher.

I adore this edgy-modern ensemble featuring an orange leather pencil skirt, black blouse, and chunky necklace.

Painful but possibly effective advice: How To Keep Your Skirt Down

And from the Department of Random: Tiny puppy goes from “careful stalking mode” to “uncontrolled joy mode” in seconds flat.

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